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Welcome to the Warder's Guild


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(Originally written by The_Fnorll_Reborn, November 23, 2011)


Welcome to the Warders Guild!


This is a short introductory thread to explain who we are and what we stand for here within the White Tower. Please do take the time to read it, especially if you are considering going down our path.



Who are the Warders?


It took a unique kind of man to show this kind of dedication, this kind of vigilance. This kind of humility…men like Sleete quietly did the work of heroes, each and every day. Without glory or recognition. If they were remembered, it was usually only by association with their Aes Sedai. Or by other Warders. You didn’t forget your own- TGS Ch13.


Just as in the books, the Warders here are men and women who live to serve and protect. The difference is a change of focus. Instead of dedicating our lives to an individual, first and foremost we serve the White Tower by protecting it and all of its members against all possible threats.


How do they do that on a community site like the social side of DM? Well, we stand ready to aid and assist wherever needed. Be that by participating in Ajah activities, helping new initiates get around, offering a listening ear to the Aes Sedai, assisting the Mother in Tower events and filling in whenever activity levels come under threat anywhere within the Tower. We keep the Tower alive and healthy, through whatever means necessary, at whatever cost to ourselves. That is the path of a Warder, so think carefully whether you wish to dedicate yourself to it! This way, we serve the Amyrlin, the Aes Sedai, and the White Tower as a whole.



So basically you’re the lapdogs of the Aes Sedai, then?


Not at all. As Warders, we choose to protect and serve. It takes a strong and confident person to dedicate their life to an ideal, and one which asks of them the sacrifice of protecting the interests of another before their own. As mentioned above, we guard the interests of the Tower as a whole, guarding against inactivity or any other threats, keeping our home happy and safe. We are happy to do so for the Aes Sedai, and in doing so, we benefit ourselves, as this is our home too.



What else do you all do?


To serve, one must understand the other person’s needs, sometimes better than they themselves. We therefore work hard to build strong relationships not just among ourselves, but among those who are on the Aes Sedai path as well. Just as in action, a Warder will throw himself into the thick of things, so too, here at the Tower, we follow the “first in, last out” ideology. In particular, this means we go where needed to fight inactivity, helping out in any area of the Tower, in any Ajah where our assistance is needed. This is no easy feat, as the Ajahs are set up to cater to a wide variety of interests, and to truly help, we need to be able to step in to whichever Ajah needs us and uphold that Ajah’s identity whilst doing so. To this end, we strive to get to know all of the Ajahs, all of their members, so that we may serve where most needed, filling in within a heartbeat when danger looms. Not all of us are able to fulfill this role for every Ajah, of course. Just as some Warders in the books were drawn towards bonding a Green, a Blue, or a Brown, for example, we too all have our own interests. But as a whole, as a Guild, as a brotherhood, we are always there, always ready to serve and protect wherever the need may be.


As well as this, a Warder strives to be the best he or she can be, to challenge themselves and to improve themselves at all times, so that they may better serve. To this end, we have three Disciplines within the Guild, commonly referred to as “discs.” 

Below these we have our main ranks- if, after your time as an initiate, you choose to join us here at the Guild, you will begin as an Algai. You can then earn promotion to Manshima, and later to Der’Manshima.



So what do all those people do?


The Sword Captain is the leader of the Warders Guild and Second in Command to the White Tower as a whole. He reports directly to the Amyrlin and has the final say in all matters within the Guild. Don’t worry, though, he values your input, so speak your mind. Just do it respectfully.


The Master at Arms is the Second in Command of the Guild. If the Sword Captain is for whatever reason away (most likely kidnapped by the Reds) then he steps up and assumes responsibility. He is also in direct oversight of all Warder-pathed aspirants. So if you're an Algai or Manshima, you better watch out and get your Reqs done!


The Quartermasters are veterans of the Guild who help the Sword Captain and Master at Arms by sharing their valuable experience. They also have a measure of authority, so better hop to it if they tell you to do something!


The Disc Lieutenants are the leaders of each respective Discipline. They help with the day to day running of things and organizing events specific to their Discipline. They all have a share in making sure the duties on our Duty Roster are being fulfilled, and that all completed Reqs from any events etc go to the Master at Arms for approval. 



So if I join, I get to wear a color shifty cloak and bond an Aes Sedai?


Hold your horses there, young Wardling! First, please remember the rules from the White Tower 101 thread (which you have, of course, read…). Here at the Tower, for a variety of reasons, we request that people don’t bond until they are of Manshima/Accepted status. As for the cloaks, fancloth is in fairly short supply! So we reserve that for those who have bonded, along with the title “Gaidin.” Other, unbonded members of the Warders Guild can still call themselves Warders, Warders to the White Tower itself, an honorable service. They are also Tower Guard, and wear the White Tabard of the Guard, with the Flame of Tar Valon. There is no need to rush to give up this prestigious duty just to dedicate to serving one of our lovely Sedai friends.



Finally, do you guys and gals have any rules for your members and those posting on your boards?


We like people to jump right in and get posting. Feel free to join in any of the active threads on our boards, or even start up a post of your own, perhaps telling us a little about yourself. Although we have a fairly lax policy on spam, please be careful not to de-rail threads that are still on topic, or if the poster asks them to stay on topic. We do have a thread that caters for all your full on spamming needs, the Moat. We also have the tavern for more serious but off topic conversation.


If you are one of our members, or want to be, all we ask is that you get involved, work hard, and are respectful and courteous of one another. We do also ask that you respect our rank system and treat those above you in rank with appropriate levels of respect.


We hope you will enjoy your time here at the Guild.

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