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The Toxophilite Tavern


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Welcome to the Toxophilite Tavern. I, Cairos the MG has brought a tavern into the Range. You must be wondering what Toxophilite means. This word means a person who is fond of or an expert at archery. So beware of those with a bow and arrow. You might never know!


*hands out flaming shots to everybody*

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21 hours ago, Cairos said:

*brings in a very dapper archer who has a keen eye and also deadly with a bow and arrow*

I did hire you a bartender! ?



Ah perfect! And pray tell, who is this fine archer? They surely cannot be better than myself with the bow and arrow!!


17 hours ago, Illian Tear said:

Well that's good, you can't expect me to pour drinks.

Nor I, that's for sure. Drinking them is the easy part though so I'll take another round of those shots dear bartender....wherever you are....

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Haha, but I tend to remember all of my best times ? I'm quite good at holding these flaming shots. I have a stash of MG Brew Tea somewhere because when I was leader I was a bit against drinking......I've grown up since then and enjoy a glass of wine here and there (especially Sangria). 


Um, @Cairos we need to create a new drink - something about Sangria. It's the perfect blend of 'drink' with 'sweet' that it just has to be added to our overall drink repertoire! Don't we have a full drink list somewhere?

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