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Ooc someone wants in contact me and can work out an good entry while keeping to overal plan of RP




Erita, nay Celerita she reminded herself having taken back the full name she changed too when first leaving home, streatched as she sat up in bed. She was not sure what to think, the last night had been a lot to take in, she liked her room though, and was glad it had been offered. She felt like she had slept in way late though, and a quick look out the window confirmed as much. She found there was some water in the pitcher, room temperature, but she didnt mind and she was happy to wash, feeling fresher. She was glad she been able to bathe before coming here. She had unpacked her sadlebags the day before, and was glad to see her dresses didnt look to bad having hung themself out. She learned to roll her clothes when packing it caused less creases. 


Looking through them she choose one in yellow patterned wool to put over the linnen shirt she already took on, and a pin in the troath of her shirt with bells on. She combed her hair out, looking at thw soft curls made by the braid she had slept with, pinning it out of her face, but leaving it to cascade down her back. She carefully opened her bottle of rouge oil and gently spread some in her cheeks, causing just a slight tint of pinkness to them accenting her cheekbones, and dabed a litle on her lips too. She looked at her yar of kohl, but desiced to leave it for now, she nervously looked to the door, then sighed as her stumoch groaned, time to find food. Closing the door behind her she walked slowly down the step to the room where she had sat and talked yesterday, she was relieved to see a plate with a cloth over on the table, so she would not have to go look for the kitchen, or prepare her own food, she would need to find out about that later, but for now she was happy to remove the note with her name and dig into the food.


She felt there was so much she needed to know, understand and figure out, that her head felt like it was ready to spin off its hinges. she found a pen over on a shelf and scribled a hurried thank you on the back on the note and saying shr had gone for a walk. Celerita sliped out and made herself behind the house heading for the forest, she needed to think and breathe some fresh air, feeling overwhelmed. She found a glen, and brushed of a stone before sitting down, thinking of her late ma, and wishing she could have her advice.


She jumped when she heard the sound of rusteling leaves, there was no wind today, and looking around she sudenly saw yellow eyes down in the brushes and froze, wolf, she forgot about that, but no the eyes was to small, she frowned but couldnt help jumping again when a small furball sudenly jumped out barking at her. It was a wolf but a small cub, she smiled at the antics, it was undeniable cute, but then realized it was too small to be alone, and looked woridly around for the mother. She imagined what it might look like, probably light like the puppy posible with more, and a flash of a light grey wolf going off to hint apeared in her mind, with a mixture of more cubs, light grey, brown and white sleeping. She shook her head, a new picture apeared of this cub trying to wake them and then wandering of. 


Why was she sudenly thinking..then it dawned on her, these were like the pictures Eric sent her, was there another wolfkin around trying to tell her something. "hello?" She looked around, no answer, why would they not jnust come out and talk to her, she looked around and saw the pup stare at her, then an image of her throwing a pinecone. Celerita froze, no surely, sehe seen eric look at that wolf of his and it seemed like they had an understanding, but she asumed he sent him signals. Could it be, no she must be wrong, but she saw a pinecone over by a tree root and imagined the puppy picking it up, and it twisted and ran over, she felt goosebumps at the implicatioons as they dawned on her. These people could talk to the wolves, what did it make them if not..but no Eric had said time again not, and she remembered the stories of wolves fighting spawn. Also she never agreed to serve the dark one, she had to be sure though and looked around for another cone imagening the same thing, by the time she had four cones by her feet she got recuring pictures of throwing them. "Ok, ok" she picked up one and couldnt help smiling at the waging tail and the sumbling rolling racing puppy going after the cone.


Whem it came back she looked at it curious then reached a hand tentatively out, it was dirty from playing around, but she was allowed to stroke it gently on the head, the fur was so soft and she lost herself in the moment looking at it. Sudenly it climbed into her lap and she gigled as it twisted around, her mind completely entralled not even thinking on the stains left on her apron. "My arent you a cute litle thing" 


Sudenly she felt a drop on her hand, and one of her nose, Celerita looked up and saw a slight drizle coming down, but the sun still shone and it was still warm. The puppy got up and shook then jumped down and barked at her. "What do you want?" it backed away two steps and barked, two more steps and barked, "What are you doing silly, where you going" she looked behind her "nothing there". It turned and trotted a few steps then looked at her, "you want me to follow?" she got up. 


It wagged happily and ran over to a pinecone, ,picked it up and tossed it in the air. She giggled and ran over catching it, then throwing it, before she knew it they were runing around the glen, playing, sometimes they tossed the cone, other times they played tugg'o'war with twigs. It seemed to be relentless till they fell over and both lay heaving for breath, before it climbed up on her. "oh my, do you know what my mom would have said if she seen the dress in this state" but she was in too good a mood to let the tougth ruin the day, she would find someone to clean it, surely in this town there would be someone, and she had some money still. "but we should find you a name litle one" she tried to think of one, the puppy looked at her curiously as she talked, "you dont understand do you litle pup" she rubbed it behind the ear. White like a snowflake, or at least it would be if she washed it she figured, and then it dawned on her maybe it could understand, she tried to think of the puppy and a snowflake at the same time, wondering if they got snow here. Sudenly a new picture of muddy snow that been played in apeared in her mind, "snowflake" she tried thinking it again, about the puppy and snowflake. This time the image of muddy snow apeared more promptly, and she got a sence of firmness from it along with picture of the puppy laying in the midle of the muddy snow, white with a tinge of other colors. She laughed "yes i guess you do look like muddy snow now, but if we just wash you" she picked it up and listened, hearing the clunking of water she carried it in that direction. 


Sitting down grabing some moss she diped it in the water and started scrubing the pup down, it looked at her then jumped into the small stream and rolled around, then got up and shook "hey now..." she shielded herself with her arms, so she wouldnt get it in her face, she looked at it. "Well it helped but you still got some left, she tried to grab some hairs between her fingers with water, but it wouldnt go away, she tried another place and another, nothing gave, nowhere. "this your natural color is it, you really do look like you got mud in your fur, but its not coming of, muddy snow, but thats too long and more a description isnt it." she pondered "Mudsnow" still somewhat descriptive but gathered like that it could work as a name. She sent the picture back of the muddy snow and the puppy, and got it back, "very well"


"I'm Celerita" but how to explain that, no way to do that, she said the sound again thinking of herself, "Celerita". It looked at her and sudenly she saw a picture of her dancing in the glen before with the raindrizle and sun, only the way the picture was sent the sun was catching in the raindrops so they looked like they been tinged in a rainbow they were in so many different colors as they fell around her as she ran around. She shook her head "you want to play more is that it? you do have a very nice way of seeing things, i wish i seen those colors you litle rascal" she softly peted it on the damp fur.


She thougth of how she had seen the play and smiled at it, then got another picture of an undistinct puppy runing around seemingly snapping at rays of colors in the skies. "My what imagination you have"


ooc open if anyone want to come in and explain it to her, Celerita is sky dancer or Puppy that chases colors in the sky (rainbow in wolfish i figure). 

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