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Jea!! You are Summoned to the Jousting Arena!!


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Dice wanders around the Yard, directing the Georges in their work and contemplating whats to come.


Its been a while since he'd had a Joust and he was quite excited really. The only question was what sort of competition would @Jeannaisais be? Sure she'd been around for ages, she was even a former MG!! But she was an ARCHER!!!  and yes watching her try to handle a Horse and Lance should be entertaining, how much WoT knowledge did she actually have??? I mean really...could archers read? He knew there were Infantry who couldn't especially that Canadian one... but could Archers?


Well theres one way to find out I guess


Under the Georges experienced efforts the Stadium comes together quickly


Image result for jousting stadium



Dice gets the georges to fill the eskys with Bandy Banbun, BanTea (in case the eternal Squire shows up) Guinfantry and Flaming Shots, while he sets the pennants


Image result for jousting pennants



Finally he hangs the Rules  one at either end of the Lists and one at each entry to the Stands








A Joust consists of THREE passes. As you start your pass the first person RPs their charge a bit, asks their question clearly. The other person will start their charge doing the same but ANSWERING the oppostions question first. Once they answer they ask their question. The next posts RPs the result of the Pass. If both answer correctly hits are done but it comes out equal  if one misses their lance misses (preferably in an entertaining fashion) and they get struck by their opponent. If both miss   well it should be fun to watch




This is a battle using a Horse, a Lance, A Shield and Armour. No Swords, No Bows No use of projectiles of any sort and No CHANNELLING!
You may consult your books.

You may NOT get help from other people.
The crowd will NOT yell/whisper/sign or communicate answers in any way

The amount of books read will establish the question base. You may not ask a question from a book your opponent has not read.

Do NOT use the WoT Encyclopedia (dictionary)




Walking off Dice goes to get Bunyan ready...stops for a second then yells at the Georges  "Dont forget Bunyans Banbun Trough!"  continues on...

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Jea walks confidently into the jousting arena. Upon entering her space, she gracefully lays down her quiver of arrows (some of which flame upon flight) and place Ingoria, her prized bow on top of it. Despite not being allowed projectiles in this process, Ingoria kept her company as a type of good luck charm against Dice. She could see his questioning looks about her own knowledge that would soon be tested. Could Archers read? What a silly question! Of course they could read...the question is if she had read too much since the last WoT novel to muddy her brain with other literary facts!


She watched thoughtfully as her squire placed her black and gold pendant nearby and another squire led in her horse complete with a hefty lance. The horse seemed shifty and as nervous as she was to ride it; however, she mounted with little fanfare and was soon ready to approach the jousting arena.






Having mounted, Jea contemplated her journey through the history of the Band. It's true, she was once one of their several fearless leaders. Her reasons for stepping down were good, even if she didn't like giving up the fun she had as their leader. In many ways, it was still hard to think of herself as just *an archer* and *NOT* the MG. She glanced at the line of drinks Dice had provided and chose wisely - her own flask of homemade tea. She was wary of what might be in those drinks that could muddy her brain significantly and make her miss at every turn.


Sipping her flask of tea thoughtfully, she wondered how far Dice has read in the series. Surely less than the well-taught and extremely well-read Archers!


Noticing the lack of food, she sent her squire for some appropriate snacks to further assist with brain power - some vegetables (for herself and the horse) as well as plenty of chocolate!


"Shall we begin?" she asked amidst the din of the gathered crowd.


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3 minutes ago, dicetosser1 said:




By the Dark Ones Testys! i hadnt considered spoilers for people!


hmm  hows about we do the first 7 books but keep the questions to characters and countries    while trying not to spoil it    so no  X who would become...   etc ??  just straight up questions    what countries flag has...   sorta thing?



2 minutes ago, dicetosser1 said:

book one qs can be specific tho




that work for you @Jeannaisais ??   oh and ive read them ALL :D:D:D

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Dice walks over to where Cairos is feeding Bunyan popcorn.


He casually punches the popcorn out of Cairos hands and snaps at Bunyan "what ya doin boofhead? You know i hate the smell of that stuff! Now Cmon! we got an archer to beat!"   Bunyan looks at him.


".....  yes yes yes you can have a Banbun before we start you big galoot!  Now can we get on with this?" 


Bunyan paws the ground in agreement. Dice shakes his head muttering about Traitor Bandeds and pain in the butt horses as he mounts Bunyan and moves top the end of the lists


Image result for knight horse

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*Finds a comfy seat in the stands*


Good luck, Jea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you'll need it :ohmy:


*sets up a handy camp table and fills it with bowls of popcorn, choccy, a non spill travel mug of Tsorovan Chardonnay and a loud speaker*


Beautiful day for a joust! 


*lifts loud speaker and yells into it*




*shakes red pom poms* 


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Jea becomes slightly overwhelmed by the outcry of support for her and suddenly feels significantly nervous, despite the confidence she outwardly shows. Seeing Cairos move around with MG Brew, she decides she has to win, if only to enjoy an excellent glass of the the best brew she willingly gave up.


Mounted atop her horse, Jea nudges her horse forward, slightly distracted that she isn't even aware of the horse's name.....which gives her an idea for her first question. It may be too easy of a question for her opponent though, so she begins an inward debate as to whether or not this should even be her first question. Jea studies her opponent sitting comfortably atop his horse on the other end of the arena, eagerly awaiting his chance to gallop towards her with lance pointed. Jea also side-eyes the gathering crowd, wondering how they will respond to more than just the introductory proceedings. Who knew asking a simple question could make one feel so much pressure!


Lance held stiffly, sitting as upright as possible while maintaining the reins of her horse, Jea asked her first question: "In The Eye of the World, what is Tam delivering to Emond's Field for the festival?"

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Dice sees Jea start to move so he pulls Bunyans head out of the Banbun trough and heels him forward.

Hearing the question Dice smiles behind his visor  thats a good question he thought   i know it  but still a good question. 

Setting his shield he calls his answer  "Brandy and Cider!"

Lowering his lance he leans forward setting himself to drive it.  He calls


" who complained to bran about the Storks?"    



Dice pushes Bunyan to a gallop

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Jea mutters a lame curse under her breath as Dice speaks the correct answer and she knows her lance will miss as they cross paths. She also knows that Dice's lance will miss as she has the correct answer to his question. "Mistress al'Donel" she shouts towards him as her horse is galloping along the jousting field. After their failed passes, she slows her horse to stop at the other end of the field and do a slow turn to begin another pass at her opponent. She would have to find some harder questions than the first she asked as it was obviously too simple to allow her lance to strike.


In what inn and city do Matt and Rand stay when Rand suffers from hot and cold chills?


With that, Jea steadied her lance toward her opponent and nudged the horse forward into a gallop.

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Dice had reached the end of the Lists and turned Bunyan. Riding back he heard Jeas tricksy double barrelled question    typical Archer he thought


Shrugging he lowered his lance and answered  "the village isnt named  its just repeatedly called the village. The inn was the Queens Man."



Setting himself he asked his question  " whose con is a blue square with two white diamonds?"


Dice feels Bunyan set himself more as he hears the question. "nice to know he DOES believe in me    sometimes"  dice thought

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The tricky yet viable question was worth being asked as it definitely tripped up her opponent. "You have the correct inn - the village is named in chapter 33 of The Eye of the World as, I believe, Market Sheran (unless I reread the page wrong while having stuffed animals thrown in my face in real life ?)." Jea spoke confidently at first, but her confidence waned upon hearing the next question - this would require a decent amount of thought. She had several ideas and the right answer seemed to be on the tip of her tongue and yet......*muttering a lame curse she whispered to herself* "Who is it? i can't let him hit me...."


After thinking for a good long while, Jea braced herself for a hit knowing she was probably about to say the wrong answer..."Elaida Sedai?" she asked questioningly, realizing she should have reread the entire first book before beginning this joust! She continued galloping forward, pre-wincing at the thought of being hit.



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that wasnt a Book 1 Question Jea    remember the agreement? non spoiler q's from other books were ok.


You may try again if you wish.


Oh and it wasnt Market Sheran   there was a whole other village in between the two iirc   the one with the boy DF.


The village was only referred to as the village



continues to wait

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