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As the Wheel Turns, more dust falls to the ground ... oh wait ... that's just me ... Hello again ...

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10 years since my last visit ... and just in time to take the old girl out for her first drink at the bar ... (if DM was human ... and female ... and would join me for a drink if Jason allowed it).


My original name Mazrim Taim, M'Hael of DragonMount. Those who were able to get past the my cranky exterior called me Mazzy.


Since my last visit, I've loved and lost several loyal companions (of the K9 variety) and misplaced quite a few human companions. Some of them still wander the halls here ... others have disappeared entirely.


I'm hoping to reconnect with those who are still around and dig up a few who might be lurking, so to one and all, Well met.



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I may remember you barely from when you were once here, though I wasn't active with the BT.  Always good to have old members returning!

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Never did the BT thing so wouldn't have a clue, but welcome home anyway. :happy: Always cool to see folks returning. 

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