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How many times did Nynaeve pull her braid?

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On 4/4/2020 at 11:37 PM, Denver Steve said:

If Nynaeve saw that question she would likely pull on her braid.


ill make a guess.. 300 times !

Well thats EOTW covered what about the other 13 Books.😂

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Someone actually did do a count, and although it felt like she did tug her braid an awful lot, it was actually only 60 times over the course of the whole series of books.  It was 20 times in The Dragon Reborn. 

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Nynaeve actually pulled her braid more times that can be counted. While she was only alive a finite amount of time during the years recorded in the book and each braid tug requires a non zero quantity of time to complete (braid tugs that required zero or negative amounts of time don’t count as they expressed none of her distain for a target person including but limited to all men, all women, subsets of those two groups,  circumstances of no person’s doing and herself).

Now you may think... certainly an infinite numbers of times is impossible, but not only would you be wrong, the number is in fact higher. 

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