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share what you've written recently, an excerpt that you like, want to share, want feedback on. nothing too long just a paragraph or two. let's see what everyone's been up to! 

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this morning's work: 



When I was, I dunno, maybe six or seven, I was fascinated by fire. Probably in the way most children are, the colors dancing, shifting, playing with our eyes, the wafts of smoke filling every nostril, the somewhat bewildering knowledge that heat radiates out of such tiny mesmerizing points of light. It truly is amazing, hypnotic. Until we dance too close to the flame. Reaching out that perfect, tiny, tender hand, wanting to touch it, capture it, play with it. 

     My mother snapped my hand from the campfire just in the knick of time, preventing the pain, stopping what could have been a wicked scar, immovable from my skin. I want to say I would have pulled back myself, I’d felt the heat, knew it was too hot for me to withstand. But, in my heart I know, I would have pressed on until I touched the light, until I felt the flame. So mesmerized was I with it’s light, so consumed with curiosity that reason and logic fled my mind. 

     It’s a flaw I have yet to erase.

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This is my part of my morning edit:



Alex sighed, "Are you mad?"


"Why would I be mad? Are you okay?" I asked.


"I'm okay, pretty boy." Eddie came over and started butting his head against my arm and I reached down to pet the furry thing with my free hand.  "There was something going on in the alley.  I thought I saw you.  I went to go help."  Eddie moved from butting my hand to pushing against Alex's leg as he talked.  "It wasn't you, but by then they'd turned and jumped me.  I had no choice but to fight back.  It felt good to fight back.  But this girl showed up, helped me.  Blond, felt familiar, but when the fight was over I was in a rush to get back to you here, figured something was up."  He nodded towards the dead body lying on the floor.  "And I was right."  Eddie became more aggressive in his attempt to get Alex to pet him, "What's with the cat?"


"The cat is Eddie." I said letting Alex change the subject without hesitation. "He's part of the umbra. A spirit, a manifestation. I don't know but he said I'm poorly lacking in training, and that the dreams won't work because you block him from entering my dreams. And the nightmare before you. So this is his alternative method. Fee got to go back to the universe and he gets a body to be loved on."


"So this is going to be a thing?" He nudge the cat with his hand. "All this touchy feelly - is not going to go away."


I laughed, "It's so me. Don't ya think?"


Alex rolled his eyes. "Yes. So what exactly is he helping you with. Why is Eddie telling you to let your power run wild."


"Not run wild, but not trapped. It's been fighting me by doing shit I don't want because I keep it locked up. Is that right Eddie?




"Holy f**k! I don't think I'll get used to that."


I grinned. "Telepathic connection. And that bothers you?"


"It's a cat."


"The umbra is magic. Where your power comes from, where mine comes from, it powers vampires, and cursed the therians. This cat is host to only a tiny fraction of the umbra."


"You are feeling better." Alex laughed. "All talkative again."




He grinned at me, "Don't be." It didn't surprise either of us when there was a knock on the door.


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I wrote a small reply to the start of a new thread on this RP site i'm on... 



Ah, the energy of the youth. He thought to himself, side-eyeing the youngest Wolfe that sat next to him. Though travel by Winds was faster, it was often better to save the strength of one's jewel and learn proper entrance to Court. It hurt his heart a little to have to enforce the girl's mother's ban on riding a horse in, he obliged and carried a small agreement to their wishes. Once she was away from home and in the same little villas as her sisters she will likely learn that there would be a lot more freedom - at its own personal cost. Something Lady Brianna was still trying to learn.

"Calm, Lady Wolfe. We are nearly there." He said, trying to refrain from the chuckle low in his voice. Best not to encourage them too much on the first day. "You may wear a hole in the carriage at the rate you are going. Just twenty minutes and you will be able to stretch your legs and smooth out any wrinkles."


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 “Found one!!” When a person closes their eyes to die in a puddle of ivy and bones, they most certainly do not expect morning light to burn their eyes, or be woken to the sounds of shouting voices and the nudges of prodding feet. 

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