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On 9/6/2019 at 8:47 PM, Arie said:

Soo.. what's your favorite thing to read, and your favorite -ship? (Your own, WoT or other Fandom?)


Gettin' around to yer great question @Arie! My favorite thing to read is Wheel of Time, of course, but more generally, that saga. The long journeys with characters over broad landscapes and worlds, even time! Reminded of Casca the Eternal Mercenary or Dark Elf Trilogy.


My favorite "-ship"? Not sure how to take this, so I'll answer all the ways I could conceive! 


"fellow-ship" - Dragonlance was one of the first epic fantasy series, so it maintains a place in my heart and over my heart, i literally have a portion of a book cover as a chest tattoo haha


"author-ship" - No one can take on Robert Jordan. His foreshadowing, depth and breadth of characters and world, and the audacity to challenge status quo and internal belief systems. Untouchable 😉


literal "ship" - Time Bandit galleon. What a beauty! and the word is...Amazon picked it up for a TV series 😉 

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