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A Journey towards Healing...

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Thera gripped the table with both hands; her knuckles turning white from the strain. The attacks occurred less frequently now; but when the racing heart and tremors took over, it required every ounce of the training she’d received in the White Tower to remember to assume the void and keep herself from crashing to the floor. The Aes Sedai had healed her numerous times, but Thera knew it was more as a favor to the former Mistress of Trainee’s, than it was a necessity. Each time after her healing the attacks would subside for a few weeks, but they always returned. A Sister from the Brown Ajah had suggested that the issue was in Thera’s mind, or tied to an emotional trauma. The longer it lasted the more inclined she was becoming to believe the Sister. It had been proved to her time and time again that her body was still as strong and healthy as it had been when she was a girl.  


Slowly her pulse returned to normal and the world came back into focus. Looking up, Thera smiled as she saw Lyss come into view. Her daughter was why she still fought, why she did not flee Tar Valon and start over. In the years since she had adopted Lyss her life had completely changed. Her husband had fled after finding out about her affair with Serena. Her beautiful raven haired former bonded had proven too tempting for Thera, and for a time they had become lost in each other. Serena was away from the tower, and Thera’s heart was with her. Each day felt like an eternity and her heart ached for the bond, if only to hold a piece of Serena with her always. In her younger days she may have asked Serena to bonder her again, custom be damned... but alas she was older now and, in some ways, wiser. 


Holding out her arms Thera leaned in and smelled Lyss’ head as the little girl crawled into her arms. Lyss could always bring Thera back to reality. “It is almost times for your lessons my little warrior, and it is time for mommy to stop lazing the day away”. Just because she was no longer a Gaidin, and no longer the Mistress of Trainees did not mean she had no responsibilities. Sending Lyss along to her lessons Thera ordered lunch and tried to stop worrying about when the next attack would come.  

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Liitha looked at the note in her fingers again, fliping it over. She was looking out the window, Cara still behind her going through her mail from her personal network. What if she was wrong, but it was the same last name, but maybe not a close relative. She sighed, she knew with herself she had to do this, she had been surprised when she helped Cara the name had tickled something but they already been down the list some before she remembered where she had it from.


The last name of the former mistress of trainees. Liitha didn't know her well outside of dealings with her in regards to mentees she had trained, but the woman had been bonded to Serena Sedai. Serena was gone now, but she had been a friend and had helped Liitha in one of the darkest period of her life, for that she would always feel a debt.


She left the cloak, and done informal garb, she wasn't sure how Thera would take this, but today she was not going as a Guitar, but someone who had a shared friend to bear potential ill tidings. She also left her swords, just keeping some of her mother's old daggers strategically hidden out of sight in case of trouble. She was not worried anymore as she had once walking the streets of Tar Valen, but she also learned anything could happen anywhere.


She was thankfull Cara had been willing to give her a write off from the letter so she didn't have to remember the words, she knew how well even the tiniest detail could mean, and wouldn't have wanted to miss out on something that might tell Thera something the two of them could missed by not remembering word by word.


She silently walked the halls undisturbed, gliding in with the environment that once would have made her slightly nervous, but this was her home now as much as her room in the barracks once or her father's den in the grove.


She remember she heard that Thera had setles down in an inn and knowing the city well from many a patroll as a tower guard she quickly made her way there, opening the door she looked for a familiar face.


She saw her sitting at a table and walked calmly over smiling at the woman. "Thera, hi" she stoped at the table, "Do you mind if I sitt down, I would like a few words with you" at the inclination of her head, she draged out a chair and setles down across from the other woman. She was glad the inn seemed to be quiet at the moment.


"I.." She drew her breath not quite sure how to break this. "look I know we aren't that familiar with eachother, but once Serena Sedai was a good friend who helped me through a difficult period, and I feel like I owe her to tell you this myself instead of sending some official." She sighed this wasn't quite going as she wanted, it wasn't her strongest suit but she went on. "I mean it may be nothing, but I had to make sure, and if..well if this is related to you, to reach out a hand to let you know I am here if you need anything." 


The creator knew she had enough loss in her life, and had her own experiences dealing with grief. She took out the note from her pocket, "this isn't the original, but a direct transcript out of a report of several tidings" she handed the note to Thera.

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The world always seemed pale to Thera after one of her episodes. Almost as if she were seeing through a dense fog. Her normally powerful legs would feel like jelly, and she would have to assume the void to simply keep herself moving forward. Staring down at her plate heaped full of her favorite warm spiced chicken and piled with roasted potatoes Thera saw Annelle’s hand in this. The Innkeeper was only a dozen or so years older than Thera, but she treated her as if she had raised her from swaddling clothes. Thera could not find much of an appetite, but she forced herself to take slow methodical bites. She knew that if she did not eat, another argument would ensue. Even the wine tasted like ash in her mouth, but she slowly cleaned her plate and finished her drink. 


Thera knew if she did not ask for dessert, she would be forced to eat another helping of her meal. Attempting a smile as Annelle brought her a small plate with fruits and cheeses, Thera made small talk with the innkeeper. It was getting easier each day to fake her way through the days. Thera vehemently hoped that this meant true healing was around the corner.  


The door opened and spilled in light from the street outside. As Thera’s eyes adjusted, she thought she recognized the woman who entered. Searching her brain, the name Liitha came to mind. Smiling slightly Thera motioned for her to take a seat. Shockingly they had a woman in common, her beloved Serena. Suddenly rage burned white hot in her belly as she wondered how familiar the two women had been. The rage died as quickly as it had come when she saw the letter in Liithas’ hand. 


Tearing the seal with a slightly shaking hand Thera assumed the void and began to read the neat and tidy hand. 


A contingent of Tower Guards were completing a routine training when they came across a pack of wild bores. The guards attempted to avoid the beasts but one of them turned violent and gave chase. In spite of his best effort one guard, Mathis Trakelyn, but able to avoid the animal and was speared through the chest. Amarin Sedai came as quickly as she could, but due to the nature of the injury she was unable to heal young Trakelyn.


The world went black and the last thing Thera saw was the ceiling as she hit the floor. 

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Ooc not sure where to end this post as such, PMed you at discord, and will edit later accordingly



"Thera!" Liitha barely heard the chair buckle and fall behind her as she was up trying to reach for the woman she had stood to see raised to Blademaster. She was too late, and ended up on her knees beside her, training taking over. Her eyes scanned the scene while her fingers worked on their own, finding and making sure there was a pulse. Satisfied her senses could pick up nothing else she still quickly scanned the body, staying alert. She knew that even in Tar Valon bad things could happen, she knew too well, and a thought went out to Serena, before sending a reassuring feel to Cara through her bond. So Thera knew the  guard then, she sighed her gut and memory had not been wrong, and she felt for the woman. She was glad she had gone herself, as a Grandmaster and former Mistress of Trainees, Thera would be looked upon as senior, but as she well knew they might well outwardly have a lot of control, but they were not emotionless, and this showed just how vulnerable even older members of the yard could be.



Liitha gently shook Thera's shoulder, gentle voice "Thera" she needed to wake the woman make sure she was alright, and hear if she could do anything, or if there was someone she should get hold of. She did not know who the former mistress of trainee had been close with, or she would have made sure to send them instead. She was determined to be here if need be or make sure the woman got help from someone else. Liitha knew too well that dealing with hardship was not something to do alone, she tried but luckily had people around her who knew better even if she didn't appreciate it at that time. "Thera" she gently shook the woman's shoulder again, she didn't want to move her without talking to her first and make sure she didn't get hurt in the fall, not unless she didn't have a choice.

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A cool breeze tussled her curls as she doubled over with laughter trying to catch her breath. Mathis had just fallen posterior first into a bramble bush and was running around the green, his hands grabbing at his bloodied bum. “Come here you f-f-foool” Thera called out to him, not bothering to disguise her mirth. Her brother had always leapt before he looked and today it came back to bite him. Grinning even harder when she saw her brothers sheepish, and slightly pained smile she lovinginly wiped the sweat from his brow. “Come along kid, Mistress Alla’ne will get you fixed up”. Putting an arm around his waist she started guiding him back towards the house. “You know Thera I.......Thera...........Thera.......


Slowly the world faded away, the last thing Thera saw were her brothers bright green eyes staring back into her own. Reality slowly began to sink in, and Thera slowly pushed herself into a sitting position. “I am sorry Liitha...I....I’ She did not even know how to begin to explain what was happening in her mind. For months she had existed as a broken shell of herself, but the triad of ties to her daughter, her family, and her commitment to the job had been keeping her going. Suddenly her tripod had lost a leg and she felt herself teetering on the edge. Mathis had been her best friend growing up; and when he decided to follow her to the Tower should could not have been happier. 


Looking around the room, the concerned faces finally registered. “I am alright, do you mind helping me up?” Using Liitha to help her regain her feet Thera brushed off her clothes and ran her hand through her curls trying to tame it as best she could. “Do you mind if we go somewhere else? I need some time to process and there are far too many prying eyes here.” Straightening her jacket Thera motioned to the door, but she quickly pulled her arm back to her side when she saw her hands shaking. “I never wander anyplace new anymore, do you know a place where we could talk and perhaps have a drink? You brought me this news, the least I can do is buy you a beverage and give you an explanation”

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Liitha listened to Thera, and thougth about the inns she knew, she wasnt sure moving too far was an idea, "How about Mouse dancing on the Table?" she wondered if the other knew about it, it was in the vicinity of the yard, nut was just a small eating place in an alley so not everyone did, however it would be the rigth direction in her mind if they needed to head to the towe, she did not like the reaction in the other just faiting on the spot, she knew how taxing a shock could be on the body.


She kept looking for signs as they walked that the other was doing fine and figured she should keep talking, "though if there is anywhere else you want to go i am happy to follow you, I got the day of, and you should not feel you owe me anything" she smiled at the other, she was glad she let her garb at home, hopefully she could be a friend but only if the other wanted her to, sometimes it took time, the creator know she had used her time geting over her own issues in the past. She opened the door to the smaller inn when they arived and motioned for Thera to enter first, so she could pick their seeting, though she really didnt expect there to be much activety there now between eating hours. She taken Cara there some times, it allowed them some privacy being not in the mainway and therefor not that likely to run into too many they knew. That and her mind strayed to fond memories, and it was handy with the long tablecloths she would admit, the smile played over her lips before shoving the memories to the back and focus on her companion here and now. 

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