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Hello :laugh: and welcome to the our Revolution One RP board.


Rev One exists so you can write a wider variety of RP stories. It is considerably more informal than our main Role Play Sections.


Want to see the Shadow winning the Last Battle?


Got plans for how the world had been different if the Ten Nations hadn't fallen to the trollocs?


Think it would be a blast to have your Wolfkin running around in the Stargate universe?


Maybe you'd like to place your channeler in the modern day world or even the future?


This is the place to show your mad writing skills and ideas!


You have the opportunity to play out everything you've never been allowed to play before. The possibilities are infinite. No need to worry about how it will affect other people's role play because you're playing in a self-contained portal stone world in your thread. If you and your partners are up for it, that's all that matters subject to the few guidelines below.





- There are no bios required unless an individual RP organiser requests them from participants. Usually that will only be for extended story arcs, to help players interact and know who's who.

- Please clearly mark out of character discussion threads with the name of the proposed RP + OOC to differentiate from actual in character RP's.

- Keep it PG-13. The Dragonmount Code of Conduct applies to all RP boards.

- If you prefer other people not to jump in to your RP, use the tag system to add a "Closed" tag. If you don't mind, or are actively looking for people to write with, use an "Open" tag.





What if your story is so long that it takes more than one thread to complete? No problem, your characters' sagas can continue in as many threads as you need, to infinity and beyond!


How do you get started? If you have an idea already, all you have to do is start writing, and invite others to join the fun. You can write detailed character histories (bios) if you feel like you need them, but they are not mandatory. In case you're running short on inspiration the RP Staff can help bounce ideas around as well. Simply post on The Welcome Inn board for assistance.


That covers the basics, so go forth and roll out your glorious plans. Make it so!


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