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Aiden had gone to the Master at Arms following the ironic situation of the fight with Giles.  He was an idiot.  He had no proof.  And his mother was a well known Warder, his father too.  Bloody people think he could be a darkfriend?  It didn't matter that it was true, but not in anything other than word of mouth.  The Dark Lord hadn't called him specifically to do anything yet.  Though there was always that possibility.  But he was a nothing, son of a darkfriend.  No one even knew his mother was bad.  Very few had found out who she was when she was here last.  That was so long ago.  She'd been dead most of his life now.  And it was sad.


He and the Master at Arms went to Mistress Loari in the forge and the daggers were presented.  She had looked at them fondly saying I remember them.  She looked at me and laughed.


His belongings were given back to him pending a formal investigation, but so far his words spoke the truth.  Aiden didn't know what would happen next but it didn't matter.  It was back to business as usual until then.  


Aiden was sure people had heard all about it by now, and he wasn't looking forward to explaining himself over and over again.  It sucked Tayln had gotten caught, he'd never really met Taylor's brother, but the idiot had gotten caught.  So stupid!



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