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Returning Warders Bio for Liitha Dorje/Narshoba (Updated) - No CC Required


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Character Handle: Liitha Dorje, later Liitha Narshoba

Physical Description: Dark brown, almost black eyes, black hair, 5.55ft, 150lbs

Place of Birth/Raising: Born by the river Irallel where she was raised under her mother's name, later to learn of Malkieri heritage through her father (Corwin) and will change her name to his as they grow closer (her mother died on the return to Tar Valon after giving birth).

Marks: Tattoo on her shoulder



Rank: Warder to Cara Sedai

Weapon Score: 18

Philosophy: The Flame and the Void

Primary Weapon: Katanas (one of which was a gift from her father after passing her Blademaster Ceremony)

Secondary Weapon: Bull Whip

Tertiary Weapon:


Character History


Liitha had grown up in the household of Adadin and Ramalla. They where not her real parents, but they were the best foster parents she could ever have had, and also distant relatives. Liitha never had known any of her close relatives but her foster parents had told her all they knew. Her mother's name was Tanitsja and she had a twin sister named Ata. Her father they knew nothing of, not even his name. Her grandmother whom she was named after had died while the sisters where toddlers. Tan and Ata had left the village after her grandfather Arato died in an accident, they were then 18 years of age.


Then her foster parents haden`t heard anything more from or about them untill her mother had stood on their doorsteps. She had told them that they had ended up in Tar Valon, her sister where to become an Aes Sedai some day, and she herself had becomed a Tower Guard and one day hoped to be a warder. She had told them a bit about what that recuiered, after giving birth to Liitha she had left. She had given them a dagger to give to her daugther and alowed Adadin to use Amason her fiery stallion to set a foal on one of his mares.


Liitha had grown up together with that foal who she had named Yaz, he was her horse and although Adadin used him around the farm she was the only one who had ever been riding him. Not that he wouldn`t alow anybody to do so but Adadin had insisted on it to be that way, he thougt she would need something to focus on in her life and Yaz was it, besides Yaz was but between 4 and 5 years of age when she reached her fifth birthday, that day she announced to her foster parents that she would become a warder like her mother. And by this announcement she sealed Yaz fate to because that meant he where to become a warhorse, and then should only accept her. Her foster parents had taken the statement quite nice in fact they had explained later by her interest in hearing stries of her mum, way of playing and behavior they had kind of expected it. So they decided to help her all they could, to prepare both her and Yaz for what would come someday. That same evening Adadin had taken her out in the yards, he had found a injured sheep, he explained for her how to slit its troat and then at the age of 5 Liitha had for her first time taken a life.


Ramalla and the other womans in the village had learned Liitha how to prepare meals from almost everything, they had learned her some about herbs that could be at help if she got injured and how to tend to wounds and other damages, and also a bit about numbers, reading and writing.


Adadin and some other men had thaugt her what they knew from their days as soldiers, or their experienses as hunters. The child learned to trow dagers, the basics of handeling a sword, some figthing tricks, how to track, listen for sounds that didnt belong in the forest, the art of the arch like her mother she desided to learn the short bow. They learned her how to move about whitout makingto much revealing sounds, she got to know herself, her limits what she would be able to do and what not, to consentrate even when in pain. They tested her by leaving her in the forest on unknown places to survive on her own. And she got to do lots of hard work to build up her muscles. When she reached the age of 13 there where no one in the village that could teach Liitha anything more, she bested them all but never thougt herself superior, just realising and acepting thats how things where and needed to be cause one day she would go to Tar Valon and become even bether much bether. So she started to teach herself things by the metod of try and failure while she waited for the day her foster parents would give her premision to start the journey towards what she had dedicated her life to become. Adadin would also take her into Aringill now and then to get her used to cities.


On her 15 birthday the vilagers had given her a own sword and Adadin told her that he had heard there where coming merchants to Aringill from Tar Valon last time he had been in the city. He and Ramalla had decided the time had come, he would take her into Aringill and talk to the mearchents to see if they where willing to take her back to Tar Valon whit them if she in payment would act as their guard if need be.


The day had now arisen, she had said goodbye to everyone last night cause they would ride as soon as there started to come some light outside. Liitha finished her meal, got her things and went outside, she jumped up on Yaz back, another thing that had been insisted on was that she learned to ride without any aquitment since that would improve her balance, so she instructed Yaz with her feet as they rode towards Aringill. Liitha had no feelings of excitement that her journey had begun, like everything else she just accepted it to be that way. The years of training that had started at the age of 5 hadn't left her without feelings, just with a vision on life where emotions out of control where a flaw something that would hold her back and the ability to accept things they way they where instead as a strength.


The merchants accepted her as a guard after a little demonstration and her journey towards Tar Valon started, she gave her foster dad a hug a bit sad she would never see him again and thanked him once again for all the help and support and for accepting her as his own. Liitha was about to turn and walk towards her new lif when he hold her back and gave her a locked box telling her the key would be the necklace around her neck that was a gift she had been given by her foster parents upon her 10 birthday, Adadin now told her the necklace had been left for her as a gift from her ma and that they had hold back on giving her the box till now because they didn't know what it contained. Liitha put it in her sack, smiled once more at the man that she knew as her only father and turned and walked away leaving her old life forever cause in her heart she knew she would never return and that she was now treading the path of the rest of her life.

That night upon setting camp she found a space for herself and opened the box with shaking fingers - this would reveal something new of her ma she thought, and slowly opened the lock, she looked down on a bunch of papers, she picked them up and realised it was a letter written to her by Tanitsja and started reading. «Dear daughter...» it went on and on and Liitha was glad no one could see her at the moment because as she read, tears starting to run down her chin and she felt so little as she gained more and more knowledge of her ma and recognised herself a bit in her, when she finally got to the bottom she found what little information her ma had have on her pa and she traced her finger over the page as the tears flooded out of control, she had never known anything about him and even if it didn't say much it still gave her a feeling of knowing herself better. Now more than ever she wanted to find these peoples the ones that had given her the gift of life, and to become like them, strong and determined good peoples willing to give up and sacrifice their life to the protections of another person. Liitha had a longing in herself that now just grew bigger and as every day went by it grew larger and larger as they travelled towards Tar Valon, her new home and life would be there.


Half way true the journey they meet some bandits, they where overpowered, after taking her first human life Liitha was the only one that escaped in life. She directed Yaz into the forest and managed to loose her hunters due to her training. After that she travelled by herself staying of the main road but not to far from it to get lost. In Cairhien she meet up with some other merchants and traveled with them to Tar Valon. When there they sent her in the right direction. And when she finally rode into the warders yard seeing all the peoples training she finally knew she had come home.


She met with the MoT and got assigned a room sharing with 3 others, all boys. One got under her skin and she fell in love. Through her time as a trainee she found her father and the first fight came after a confrontation between her father and her boyfriend, Kelt. Her mentor during trainee days where Andular.


She was raised a TG and in this period her relationship with Kelt ended. She chose Path of Dual weapons to follow, and was trained by Naituri in it for a while. She half moved to the grove to be with her father. She lost contact with her few friends from trainee days, and gained a few new friends.


Then later she gets raped it scares her she has lost control so much, she was drugged on duty and inside a city she felt fairly safe. She gets help from a sister, but as she starts getting her head above water nightmares takes to following her. A friend finds out by poking her and betrays her by going to the commander. Going out on the road she tries to lay it all behind her, she seeks into herself and to where she comes from, looking and meditating over who her mother was and the strength she had. Liitha gets convinced her mother would have handled things much better and seek to change into what she thought her mother might have stood for.


She closes her heart of from the world at the same time as dropping some of her outward shyness. She appears more open at first but anyone trying will find she truly has withdrawn, she is no longer open for close friends.


 Part of her changes also shows in her presentation as she changes how she dresses and whatnot so she have black hair with a red stripe on the right side, also she has a tattoo on the left shoulder of a dagger with a rose twined around it, the dagger is a copy of the one she has after her mother. She wears only dark preferably black clothes and most often a bandana.




It was her father that let it be known to the Master of Arms that she was ready for testing to become a blademaster,  and presented her to the council to be judged. During the presentation he present her with his name and while she never thought of it she decided at the moment it was fitting  (Seeing as she by this time had made peace with the past and was ready to move forward) and from then on used that instead of her late mother's. As a gift after she gets a katana from her dad that he had made for her with the heron mark, and orders herself a similar one to match it.


After closing the chapter on her mothers past she feels the need to learn more of her fathers past, she spends a year preparing to go to the Blight,  and a year in the Borderlands and the Blight putting also this part of her history to rest. This does means she becomes more estranged from her father though she meets with him after her trip to ask him about his growing up.


She soon ends up feeling restless again and takes to the road, during this time she travel the lands to study different fighting styles.




After she returned to Tar Valon again she started on the path that would lead her from Tower Guard to Warder.


Liitha first got to know Cara when she passed by her cabin where she has a family living off the land and raising horses that she breeds. A place she bought with the inheritance after her aunt Aes Sedai Ata Dorje of the Blue Ajah (formerly Yellow – changed after she was healed from being stilled).


At first Cara and Liitha become friends and secretly lovers, they travel together, get kidnapped and goe through several experiences making them even closer. Yet they have their differences and disagreements, in the end though facing herself Liitha accepts that Cara is not just her friend and love but also an Aes Sedai. It's not something she comes to an easy conclusion about as they do disagree some over what their roles should be if they are to take it further, but she contemplated her life and realised what was most important to her, and in that found a willingness to accept the balance that has to be, after which Cara bonded her. From before she has a bracelet that is an heirloom from Cara’s family which is twin to one Cara kept herself, and as gifts after the bonding she gives Cara the dagger her mom left her, and in return get a heavy golden necklace looking like twinned rope.




Still looking for this part, will update when I find it.

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