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The Most Important Casting!

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The clubs and internet are abuzz with talk of the Emond's Fielders, but let's be serious here, they have yet to announce the most important casting - Bela!  Do you think they will cast a big 'mane' like Gideon, the miniature horse who played Lil Sebastian on Parks and Recreation, or will they find an unknown shaggy brown beauty? 


Feel free to join in on the speculation with your own pictures of famous, infamous, or unknown horses that could play our Bela.  [Silliness encouraged]


Gideon, aka Lil Sebastian:



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In response to the Sheep being a budget Trolloc, this was my idea for a budget Bela.

Image may contain: indoor
However, If we have to have a budget version of various cast members, I'm not opposed to Kristen Stewart wearing a horse mask.

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Haha!  That would definitely be a cheaper version of Bela.  It would be interesting to see how they keep her on task ;).  


LOL re: Kristen Stewart.  I think she'd probably cost too much for our budget...even if people would possibly turn in just to see that.


What if they had Bela take on a different role too, to support the budget?  A la...


Image result for funny horse pictures

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