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A Dragon Prophecy Thought following A Memory of Light

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I have read the books and loved them, however, I have had a thought after watching Nae'blis's Youtube video on the Dragon Prophecies. In the comments, I had a little exchange about them, and it got me thinking. This could have been asked before too, so I apoligise in advance.


In part of the line in the Prophecy at the beginning of Lord of Chaos, these three words "The unstained tower" got me thinking....Does this fit the White Tower at Dumai's Wells like I thought...or does it fit the Black Tower more? Does the unstained tower hint at the Turned Asha'man being stained in these three words? Also, in addition, another question: considering the Prophecies also mention a broken tower, could this be the Black Tower both times? Now the story has ended,  and taking into account the details of how the story ended, I ask, because does this hint at more than first thought?

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It could mean both, but I don't think the BT was ever really "broken" for long. I mean even under Taim's corruption it was a whole tower until at the end.   I took it to mean the WT splitting

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