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Welcome to the DM Writers Club! We writers that have come together to commiserate, inspire and challenge ourselves to get that next writing project done! We welcome all writing types; Poetry, music lyrics, fiction and non-fiction. Here we hope you find more of your people to talk writing, editing, publishing and perhaps a little drunken sympathy for the dreaded writers block.


We abide by the default Code of Conduct that every member agree's to simply by signing up for this forum. As a simplification, there is a basic hierarchy when it comes to issues, and the Club Leader and Moderators ensure security and civility among the club. Problems are brought to the Club Leader who's job is to both ensure peace and the prosperity of the Club. 


Wheel of Time Fanfiction is prohibited under Dragonmount rules.


Simply put: Play Nice, be Considerate, be Respectful, and be Responsible. 



Be aware, anything shared here is public view. Though I believe posting in any club may require joining, anything posted is view able. It is strongly recommended that if you are posting anything you wish to submit for publication, do not post more than 200-words per the shredder rules. You may link a private file, goggle-doc or something of private in nature (preferably pass-worded that is shared in the thread) to ensure protection of your written documents.


TO JOIN THE CLUB'S GDOC FOLDER please PM your email address to the Club Leader


When it comes to providing feedback and looking for feedback with any shared piece of work, it is important to note that unless you are providing feedback chances are you may not always receive the feedback. This is very GIVE and take type of scenario. This Club and all the feedback it provides only works with mutual respect and inclusivity. After all, it's hard for any writer to share something let alone among peers and find that they get no reply. (Aka: If you want feedback on your work, be sure to give some on others. Easy.)


When posting please use the TAGS system that is available. Appropriate tags to help an ease in location is as follows, but not limited to:

  • shredder (to be renamed)
  • original
  • poem
  • resource
  • monthly prompt (in correlation to the current monthly prompt; July Prompt, August Prompt, etc.)
  • Your Handle
  • (make a suggestion!)



The Shredder, rename tbd, is a short 200-max word short paragraph intended to be "shredded" apart to help the writer make this one small section stronger. This is NOT for the faint of heart, and is intended to be brutal. However, falling back on the "be considerate" aspect of the rules feedback that is little more than 'this sucks' is hardly helpful.


  • Rule 1 - Nothing over 200 words is allowed. Please cut back anything posted or staff will edit/remove it for you.
  • Rule 2 - No Poetry


Remember, constructive criticism is the name of the game; however, be warned, you will need a thick skin for the Shredder. All critiques are done with your best interest in mind, but your pieces will be shredded and all stones overturned in the name of helping you improve your writing skills. 

This format is also a great way for you to practice your critiquing skills. You can dig as deeply as you wish into an excerpt when you critique it - either go word by word, sentence by sentence, or examine it as a whole and then focus in on a section or two. 

Note: one-liners, such as "that sounds pretty good, but I didn't see anything bad" or any variation of that, is inherently unhelpful. Yes, it may be a brief boost to someone's ego, but it does not help them improve their craft, and that improvement is the whole purpose of the Shredder. Dig deeper and focus not just on the technical aspects of writing, but on the sensory detail, show versus telling, etc... 

Helpful note: If you feel you cannot offer any help on grammar, sentence structure, word usage, and other technical details, then try giving the writer your feedback as a reader. Explain how you viewed the scene in detail: your thoughts on certain sentences and imagery, your reactions, the atmosphere of the excerpt, how you viewed the characters, if it caught your attention and held it. Such critiques are just as helpful as the more technical ones. 



Some may have notices the addition of the Writer's Blog to the Club. This will serve multiple purposes.

  • Large Updates that may be better used as a Club Newsletter instead of single threads
  • Monthly Prompts - These will be shared here, along with additional help, links and information once a month. Submissions can be made either as comments or here in Discussions.
  • Member Submissions - Completed, and edited, works that are for sharing are welcome to use the Blog. IT IS NOT LIMITED TO STAFF. The Blog is for everyone and if you have something you are super proud of that isn't for editing help, or other, this is a great place to share it. If you are unsure, you are welcome to show the Club Staff and ask.



Staff of the Writers Club is pretty straight forward. All questions about events, topics, and issues concerning the Writer's Club come directly to us. Our PM box is always open.

  • Club Leader: Arie - ariescapes [at] gmail.com
  • Club Moderator: Eqwina, StarRisk
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Updated August 22, 2019. 

  • About updated
  • Sharing - Club GoogleDoc Folder Sharing
  • Shredder Rules and Info
  • Writers blog
  • New Moderator - Eqwina

Updated March 28, 2021. 

  • New Moderator - StarRisk
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