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NSW FL Freebooter Guild Bio for Jasin al'Kar (The Prophet)


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This character is now deceased. His forces were amalgamated into the Legion of the Dragon, on the order of Jarron/Rand and are under the direction of our Talmanes who is directly answerable to Calder/Mat.


Character Name: Jasin al'Kar

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Carysford, Andor

Physical Description: 5'9". 180 lbs. Balding. Has a deep scar running from his forehead to the bottom of his right cheek.



Character History


Jasin al'Kar was born on a farm on the outskirts of Caemlyn. His father died while he was still an infant. His oldest brother, Marten, left only a couple years later to join the Children of the Light. His next oldest brother, Peaten, took the place of a male role model while he was still young, and was the closest thing to a father Jasin ever had. Mysteriously, Peaten vanished, leaving his mother, and his twin sister, Serina, in a good home in the Outer City of Caemlyn.


Jasin volunteered to serve with the Andoran infantry to throw back the Aiel while he was still a teenager. It was during the Aiel War that he received the scar across his face. He returned home after the battle at Tar Valon to take care of his mother and Serina. Not too long after, his sister left to go to Tar Valon to study as a Novice, an undertaking which Jasin was not very happy about.


When his mother died, he was left alone with the house, unmarried. Finally it was his turn to leave. After receiving news of an independent army, forming in Shienar, which had sent out an open invitation to all able bodied men and women with no military ties to join them, Jasin elected to head there.


Because he had previous military experience, he was appointed as a Banner Captain in the Infantry, commanding the 4th Pikeman's Squadron, leading them into Tarwin's Gap to fight off the huge invasion of trollocs. The remnants of this army stayed together and called themselves the Band of the Red Hand. Since then, he has kept his command and is currently marching westwards with the Band to Arad Doman.


Future of Jasin: Jasin, who will form a hate of Jarron al'Tanin because he looks like an Aielman, will change his opinion and be the first to praise him. He will take a small group, (maybe a few dozen at most), from the Band and go his own way, proclaiming himself as the Prophet of the Dragon Reborn.


Jasin al'Kar

Banner Captain


Band of the Red Hand

(Prophet of the Lord Dragon)

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