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NSW FL Ogier Guild Bio for Qulias (Loial)


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This character had agreed to seal the remaining Waygates for Jarron/Rand. Other than that, he's on his way to address The Great Stump to try to persuade them not to open the Book of Translation.


Character Name: Qulias

Age: 122

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Stedding Madan

Physical Description: Well, he's an Ogier! Dark hair, and rugged appearance.

Traits: Stubborn, deep thinker (he can sit for hours and not move an inch) friendly and a welcoming smile as far as ogiers go.

He always carries a staff with him where ever he goes.


RP Group/Guild: Freelanders, Ogier Guild

Bio Type: NSW



Character History:


Well, let us not rush; although I am known for rushing but you humans will probably think I am slow in my decisions. Oh dear, I hope have not offended you. I have some difficulty in understanding human etiquette you see; your habits change so fast I have difficulty keeping up. Where was I? Oh yes, you wanted to know about me. There is not much to me yet since I am young by Ogier standards. To you I must seem ancient, that is another thing you seem to think, something which is young you say is old. Like a 100-year village, but I was telling you about me, was I not? Oh dear, I have slowed you down again, my apologies.


I was born 122 years ago in Stedding Madan, a most wondrous place where many Ogier live. You see we all live in Stedding today, ever since The Breaking but I can tell you about that later. I am son of Siem son of Ranon, which is also my last name if I ever were to call it that... but just say Qulias, it is just as good. At a very early age I took a fondness for books and I plan on writing one, one day. I just love reading; it is like a whole new world that appears before you. Not to mention the history. If I ever were to stumble upon a large library I would not leave until I had read all the books. As you might have guessed I read a lot of books and most of them are about history or tales describing how it was before. But I like to keep myself oriented at present history too; just the other day I read a book that was 18 years old. So I study history whenever I come across it. It is a passion of mine.


And another thing I have learned is the ability Tree Singing; you have heard of sung wood? It is very prized by humans and we Ogier like it too since it does not hurt the trees from which the wood comes. It is a talent which we see less and less of these days, but it has not died yet and I hope by the great trees that it will not either. I must remember to write down some thoughts and facts about Tree Singing later. It was nice talking to you, you are a good listener and I hope we can talk again. I have not met a human in a while and I have many questions I wish to ask you. Oh dear, here I am rushing again and forgetting my manners. Please come and we can share a meal, I have some lovely fruit here…



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