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NSW Warder Bio for Logan Allianin (Lan)


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Character Name: Logan Allianin

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Place of Birth/Raising: Malkier

Physical Appearance: Green eyes, black hair, 6ft3' and 225lbs


RP Section: Tar Valon

Bio Type: NSW


Skills: Blademaster


Warder bonded to: Mariana Damar




Character History:


Logan was born in the capital city of Malkier before the Blight came to claim that land. His father was one of the King of Malkier's his most trusted advisors and Generals. His mother was a stunning beauty with a quick wit and a playful smile who was no less capable than her husband. Logan was born two days after the only son of the King and Queen, Tomas. On that day, the two fathers decided that the fates of their sons would be inextricably tied together. Logan would grow up to be the Royal Shieldbearer for the future King. In essence, he would be trained to be the boy's bodyguard.


Not long after the birth of the children, the Blight finally reclaimed Malkier. The two children were taken by the last remaining members of the Royal House who fled to Shienar. The boys were raised together and were the best of friends, although it was always understood that Logan was the servant and Tomas was the heir. As they grew, they trained, both in the sword and in the lore of the lost nation of Malkier. The nation was no longer but it would no truly die as long as the uncrowned King remained alive.


At the age of 15 Tomas fell ill to a wasting sickness. The healers could do nothing for him and it was decided that he and Logan would travel to Tar Valon to see if the Aes Sedai could heal him. The two boys, along with a few of the remaining retainers, made the long journey to Tar Valon but Tomas was not strong enough to complete the trip and died just two days out of the city. Logan wanted to fall on his sword, so distraught was he over the loss of not only his charge but his best friend as well. Luckily the retainers were able to prevent this but since this time Logan has drawn within himself.


After they buried Tomas, the retainers left for Shienar, feeling that with the death of Tomas all hope was lost for the remaining Malkieri. Logan however decided that it would be his mission in life to restore what was lost in the name of his friend. Because he was so close to Tar Valon he decided to proceed to the White Tower and petition to train with the Warders in order to hone his skills.


Now over 40 years of age, Logan has become a blademaster and a bonded Warder. He owes his allegiance to the White Tower and to his Aes Sedai, Mariana, but he still dreams of one day rounding up the remaining Malkieri and reclaiming the nation from the Blight, or forging a new one. His one prized possession is the flag of Malkier that the baby Tomas was wrapped in when they fled the nation. The Golden Crane in flight on a field of with the following words along the bottom edge in golden thread: Carai an Malkier! tia avende mandarb (For the honor of Malkier! Brothers to the blade)



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