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NSW WT Bio for Mariana Damar (Moiraine)


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Character Name: Mariana Damar

Bio Type: NSW Main Character (Traditional)

Age in Main Time Line: 50

Place of Birth/Raising: Cairhien

Physical Appearance: 5ft. Dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. High soprano voice, sharp upper-class Cairhienin accent. Slender, very pretty, wears a blue crystal on a gold chain threaded through her hair and hanging down her forehead.




Special Skills: Very skilled at Daes Dae'mar  

Knowledge Weakness: Nothing specific, very well educated. Keen researcher.

Physical Weakness: None

Personality Weakness: Has a temper that she can't always control

Personality: Very focused on her main cause...finding the Dragon Reborn and guiding him. Can be charming. Sharp witted. Dry sense of humour. Practical. Loyal to true friends.


OP - 29 Strength and 34 Skill


Character History


Mariana grew up in the royal palace in Cairhien where she was taught the Great Game early on. Her time in the White Tower only perfected her skill at that. She left the palace at the age of 16 with a servant to go to Tar Valon, where she spent 12 years as a Novice and Accepted. She experienced the Aiel War from behind the shining walls of Tar Valon and it was there she was made aware of the birth of the Dragon Reborn, from an Aes Sedai who had the talent of Foretelling. Mariana made it her life's task to find the Dragon Reborn and guide him towards Tarmon Gaidon; to help him in anyway she could, to warn him about dangers that she knew he would face, to offer her services as Aes Sedai.


Mariana is a member of the Blue Ajah, and is rarely to be found in the White Tower. Only she and her Warder, Logan, knew why she travelled the world so much. They first met some years back in Tar Valon. Mariana found him to be strong but he needed something to live for. Now he has two reasons to fight on: to protect his Aes Sedai and to fight for his hopeless cause.


About 2 years ago, Mariana finally found what she was looking for, in a small village called Emond's Field, in the area known as the Two Rivers. Her story is no longer relevant to DM's storyline. She completed her mission, job done.

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