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NSW WT Bio for Elnora Trakand (Elayne)


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Character Name: Elnora Trakand
Bio Type: NSW Main Character (Traditional)
Age in Main Time Line: 18

Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Andor
Physical Appearance: 5ft7". Softly curled long golden blonde. Sky blue eyes. Very pale skin. Soprano voice, cultured accent. Slender, beautiful.


Special Skills: Trained from birth to be Queen one day. Can create ter'angreal.
Knowledge Weakness: had very little idea of how the "common" folk lived, though that has improved 
Physical Weakness: None
Personality Weakness


Character History


Elnora had a most unusual upbringing, or so it would have been if she had not been the daughter of the Queen of Andor. From a very early age Elnora was trained and tested in all the skills and abilities she would need when she ascended to the throne. It would have been easy for her to become arrogant and self centered, however her teachers also strove to ensure this did not happen, and mostly they succeeded. There were times, however, usually justified, when Elnora would leave those around her in complete realisation of just who she was and who she would become. Her brothers were the ones who were often on the receiving end of her remarks and temper. Despite having the best teachers there were still some large gaps in her knowledge, although she would never admit this. Her lack of understanding of the lives of the common folk was her biggest flaw. However she had a very caring nature and this extended to animals as well as humans. Her perfect life would be shattered by the arrival of one person, someone who would, by accident, lead her down pathways that she never could have imagined.

Elnora Trakand aka Elayne (still a novice)


Book 1: Met Jarron and crew in Shienar where she was visiting for her studies before and after Eye of the World events. Fell in love with Jarron on sight.
Book 3: Was NOT sent to Tear by Karana Majin and remained in the White Tower
Book 4: Remained in the White Tower until Karana Majin was Deposed. Ran away from the Tower with Nana. (For reference, in the books she went to Tanchico to Hunt Black Ajah which Elnora did not do in DM)

Book 5: Went to Cairhien and was re-united with Jarron. Lovey dovey stuff ensues

Book 6: Remained in Cairhien hiding from the Aes Sedai. Was pissed off that Jarron was kidnapped and twiddled her thumbs
Book 7: Left to go to Altara to chase the Bowl of Winds
Book 8: Uses Bowl of Winds and participates in the Seanchan vs. Sea Folk battle in Altara
Book 9 onwards: Did not take the Andoran throne. No longer relevant for DM other than being mentioned as Jarron's love interest.



Elnora has an OP strength of 39 (effective, not cost) and skill of 39 too. Based on the fact that the AoL maximum is set at 50, and comparing it to the Forsaken strengths the BT have up.

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