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NSW WT Bio for Nana al'Mara (Nynaeve)


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Character Name: Nana Al'Mara
Bio Type: NSW Main Character (Traditional)
Age in Main Time Line: 26

Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Emond's Field, Andor
Physical Appearance: 5ft5". Long, dark brown hair, worn in a braid. Brown eyes. Pale skinned. Soprano; tends to shriek. Slender, but well-endowed and pretty.

Special Skills: Very good knowledge of herbs, has the AoL Healing Talent
Knowledge Weakness: Ignorant of almost everything except herbs and Healing 
Physical Weakness: none
Personality Weakness: Domineering, fiery temper, won't listen to advice, refuses to learn anything but Healing
Personality: Very strong willed; intelligent but mostly thinks with her heart, not her head. She has a soft spot for the underdog, and is very protective of her friends or anyone in her care. She's passionate about Healing.


Character History

Nana al’Mara was born and raised in Emond’s Field, the daughter of Mari and Hal al’Mara. Mari died of a wasting disease when Nana was 12, leaving her in the care of her father. At the age of 13 she was apprenticed to the village Wisdom, Kessa al'Dai, at her own insistence - she wanted to prevent other people from dying as her mother had. Kessa was quite old at this stage and without an apprentice as the previous three had all died of a mysterious illness. Nana displayed a prodigious talent with the sick, some would even say miraculous. However, she wasn't able to save her father either, when he fell off a cliff whilst hunting. Left an orphan at the tender age of 16, Nana threw herself into learning to heal, to the exclusion of everything else. 
When Nana was 20, Kessa died of old age. Left without a Wisdom, the Women's Circle had no choice but to appoint Nana to the position, despite her youth. Despite her bullying tactics, Nana did quite well, most people tending to forgive her faults due to her proficiency in healing almost any illness. Her talent for predicting to the weather didn't hurt either. Shortly after becoming Wisdom, she took Eldwene al'Varin (Egwene) as apprentice.

Mariana arrives at Emond's Field, leaves with Nana, Eldwene, Jarron, Calder and Barin. Nana and Eldwene end up at the WT.

Book 2: Eldwene, Nana and Elnora, along with the BA MoN are sent to Bandar Eban on the orders of the Forsaken Mesaana. All except Nana are captured; Eldwene and Elnora later escape and head back to the WT with Nana. 
Book 3: Was sent to Mariana (Moiraine) by Karana Majin to be used as a tool to persuade Jarron
Book 4: Returned to the White Tower and continued her studies there until Karana Majin was Deposed. Ran away from the Tower. (For reference, in the books she went to Tanchico to Hunt Black Ajah. But Nana did not do this in DM)
Book 5: Went to Cairhien and was re-united with Jarron
Book 6: Remained in Cairhien hiding from the Aes Sedai. Was pissed off that Jarron was kidnapped and twiddled her thumbs
Book 7: Left to go to Altara to chase the Bowl of Winds
Book 8: Uses Bowl of Winds and participates Seanchan vs. Sea Folk battle in Altara
Book 9: Goes to Andor with Elnora and helps with the Cleansing of Saidin

Book 10: Currently with Jarron and Barin.

Nana has an OP strength of 42 (effective, not cost) and skill of 42 too. Based on the fact that the AoL maximum is set at 50 and also the Forsaken strengths the BT have up.

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