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NSW WT Bio for Eldwene al'Varin (Egwene)


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Character Name: Eldwene al'Varin
Bio Type: NSW Main Character (Traditional)
Age in Main Time Line: 18

Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Emond's Field, Andor
Physical Appearance: 5ft4", Long, dark brown hair, worn loose now. Brown eyes. Creamy skin. Melodious mezzo soprano voice. Slender, very pretty

Special Skills: Good knowledge of herbs, Dreaming & Dreamwalking
Knowledge Weakness: training in the Tower was interrupted, so has only had basic knowledge of anything but Channelling, compared to other Aes Sedai. 
Physical Weakness: None
Personality Weakness: Stubborn, thinks she knows best
Personality: Intelligent, eager to learn, but does not listen easily to cautionary advice.


Character History

Eldwene al'Varin was born and raised in Emond’s Field, the daughter of the local Inn-keepers, Brin and Maira al’Varin. She was apprenticed to Wisdom Nana Al'Mara at the age of fourteen, though she didn't show that woman's great talent for Healing or listening to the weather. She was a very intelligent girl, though, and interested in learning anything Nana (or anyone else, for that matter) could teach her. At the age of 16 she was allowed to braid her hair, and started to walk out with a local boy, Jarron al'Tanin. A few weeks later, however, her life took a different turn.

Mariana arrives at Emond's Field, leaves with Nana, Eldwene, Jarron, Calder and Barin. Nana and Eldwene end up at the WT.


Eldwene al'Varin (still a novice)

Book 2: Eldwene, Nana and Elnora, along with the BA MoN are sent to Bandar Eban on the orders of the Forsaken Mesaana. All except Nana are captured; Eldwene and Elnora later escape and head back to the WT with Nana. 
Book 3: Was sent to Mariana (Moiraine) by Karana Majin to be used as a tool to persuade Jarron
Book 4: Went to the Aiel Waste to learn Dreamwalking
Book 5: Returned to Cairhien with Jarron
Book 6: Obviously did not become the Amyrlin of the Rebel Tower. Instead she stayed with the Wise Ones in Cairhien
Book 7: As the Rebel Tower does not exist, she remains with the Wise Ones. It is useless to send her to the WT as she would never be respected there despite her strength in OP. She wouldn't realistically make it to the Shawl in such a short time which limits her influence
Book 8: ?
Book 9: Helps with the Cleansing of Saidin

Eldwene has an OP strength of 39 (effective, not cost) and skill of 39 too. Based on the fact that the AoL maximum is set at 50, and comparing it to the Forsaken strengths the BT have up.

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