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NSW BT Bio for Jarron al'Tanin - The Dragon Reborn


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Character Name: Jarron al'Tanin – The Dragon Reborn

RP Group: Black Tower

Character Type: NSW


Place of Birth/Raising: Raised in the Two Rivers

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Jarron tends to tower over most other people, with height and features typical of those of Aiel ancestry. Red hair, grey eyes, 6'8” with a solid muscular build. Every bit the image of a hero.


Strengths/Weaknesses: Jarron has a great number of strengths. He has unmatched skill and strength in the One Power, the martial skill and prowess of a Blademaster, an uncanny ability to learn things almost instantly … plus he's ta'veren.


Unfortunately, his abilities have made him extremely arrogant. He believes (often correctly) that he is always the best suited for the task at hand. He isolates himself, trying not to rely on others unless the need is dire, or if it plainly impossible for him to do it himself.


Character History 


Jarron was raised in the little known and relatively unimportant Two Rivers area, the son of a local tabac farmer. His upbringing was typical of youths of the area. In fact, other than his unusual appearance, there was very little to distinguish him from anyone else in the region.


That all changed one fateful day, on the evening before Bel Tine. Trollocs attacked the town of Emond's Field, and forever changed the life of Jarron and those around him. By happy chance, or design of the pattern, the village was saved by the presence of an Aes Sedai, Mariana, and her Warder, Logan, who helped drive back the shadowspawn. She revealed that the Dark One was searching for someone, a young man the same age as Jarron, and that he and two of his friends would need to leave the area in order to save it.


From there, Jarron's destiny began to unfold. He followed the Aes Sedai on a danger ridden journey to the Eye of the World, where it was revealed that he could channel. Using the Eye, he defeated one of the Forsaken (Aginor), who had just been released from the Dark One's prison, and stemmed a trolloc invasion from Tarwin's Gap. He also faced off with whom he believed was Ba'alzamon, and won a temporary victory over the Shadow.


Soon, his journey took him westward in search of the Horn of Valere, an artefact recovered at the Eye of the World, but stolen by a vile darkfriend. Jarron and his companions tracked the Horn to Bandar Eban, where the Seanchan had recently invaded. Once again, he battled Ba'alzamon, as well as the Seanchan, this time aided by the Heroes of the Horn of Valere, summoned when his friend Calder Berrick blew the legendary artefact.


With the realization of his destiny, and the weight of his responsibilities crashing down on him, Jarron maintained serious doubt about whether or not he was actually the Dragon Reborn. Resolving to put the matter to rest, he abandoned his friends and traveled to Tear. There, he hoped to find the fabled crystal sword, Callandor, and put to rest his doubts.


In the Stone of Tear, Jarron found far more than he was looking for. The Stone was being overrun by a small but lethal group of Aiel, as well as a large number of strange men in black coats who followed another man, Dramon Calgar, who claimed to be the Dragon Reborn. The fighting was fierce among the many different forces within the Stone, until Jarron claimed Callandor and used it to defeat the False Dragon.


The fighting immediately died down. The Aiel proclaimed that they had come in search of him, the one who might be their Car'a'carn. The black coated men, who identified themselves as Asha'man, swore their allegiance to the true Dragon Reborn, and promised him the services of the Black Tower, a secret channeling organisation for men.


In his short time in Tear, Jarron quickly established his own law, changing the way the High Lords could operate and bringing much appreciated relief to the lower classes. He also proclaimed a world wide amnesty for men who could channel, offering them refuge and training at the Black Tower. It wasn't long before he turned his attention to the Aiel, who requested that he accompany them back to the Aiel Waste to fulfill their own prophecies.


In the Waste, Jarron learned a great many things. He learned who his biological parents were, and also learned the secret history of the Aiel people in the lost city of Rhuidean. He received twin markings on his arms, which proclaimed him as the Chief of Chiefs, or the Car'a'carn, of the Aiel, and gained the support and loyalty of all but one of the Aiel Nations. The Shaido Clan rejected Jarron's claims, in part due to the deception of another one of the Forsaken. They refused to acknowledge him, and departed from the Waste in order to pillage the nation of Cairhien. Meanwhile, Jarron was forced into confrontation with the Forsaken Asmodean, whom he captured and used as a teacher in the One Power.


Soon after establishing peace in Cairhien, Jarron learned that one of the Forsaken (Rhavin) had taken control of the government of Andor. In a surprise attack, Jarron reached the Andoran palace and destroyed Rhavin. Unfortunately, he arrived too late to save the Queen, whom Rhavin had already murdered. Furious at himself for arriving too late, Jarron established temporary control of the country until the Daughter Heir could return and claim her throne.


Until this point, Jarron had largely ignored the White Tower, wanting to avoid being caught up in Aes Sedai schemes. The White Tower would not allow that to continue however, and sent a large delegation to 'persuade' him to submit to Aes Sedai guidance. After his outright rejection of their council, the Aes Sedai group put into action plan B, and kidnapped the Dragon from under the noses of his Aiel and Asha'man guards. After several days of confusion, Jarron's forces tracked the Aes Sedai northward along the road to Tar Valon. At a place known as Dumai's Wells, the Aes Sedai were attacked by the Shaido, who wanted to capture Jarron for themselves. The loyal Aiel clans, a large number of men from the Black Tower, and another delegation of Aes Sedai opposed to the first group entered the battle, destroying a great number of the Shaido, and killing or capturing almost all of the Dragon's Aes Sedai captors.


Jarron did not emerge from the battle unscathed. His extremely rough treatment at the hands of his captors had left him not only with physical wounds, but deep psychological scars. The hours spent locked alone inside a tiny box, with only himself and the voice in his head for company, greatly advanced the madness brought upon him by the Taint. What little trust and respect he had for Aes Sedai was shattered. In fact, he now had very little trust for anyone at all. He also seemed to lose some of his drive to unite the world under his rule in preparation for Tarmon Gai'don.


Settling into the lands he has already conquered, he is currently focused on finding out how to win the Last Battle … or at least staying sane long enough to fight it.

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