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Generally exhausted, lol....  after 7 years of working a later shift (10:30 AM - 7PM) at a job I was very good at (but a little bored with) we had a bit of a shakeup.  My company made a major acquisition last year that basically made my entire division redundant, and in an effort to integrate the new acquisition into our company structure, they started reassigning groups of us last month to the company they bought.


I was in the "guinea pig" first group, suddenly given a new role in a new company and working a much earlier shift (7 AM - 3:30 PM) doing much more complex work.


After 2 weeks of classroom training and 3 weeks of OJT, I have just finished my second week post-training and on any given day I only feel utterly baffled 5-6 times a day.  :dry:


And I'm a QUICK learner.  Some of my team is still struggling with more basic stuff. >.>

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