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So.... I just finished the first read through of 5 books (the prequel, and the first 4 completing the first arc).  I have a ton of work left to do.  But I think I wrote down all the plot holes and the questions.  And going in I knew book 4 was WAY too short.  So I kept in mind things that I could address in that last book to fill it out since there was nothing but the main plot in the whole thing.


I'm going to flesh out the 4th book.

Work on getting my story bible complete.

Then work on the scene by scene analysis and editing.


But I found this Self Publishing Podcasts and one of the things that they said was cool that was't usually seen was something like the Walking Dead where you could visit the page/app while watching the TV show and it gave you behind the scene footage.  Which really said to me I REALLY need more time in the day so I could do my epic ebook app where all my books are offered through the app, and at the touch of the word you could see information about that word... so say it's a characters name, you could see their biography, a rendition of their likeness, where they appeared in prior books etc.... (no spoilers unless you'd enable them but they'd be off by default).  Want to know more about the place the scene is taking place you can do that too.  Like I said epic ebook plans.


It's a lot of work as both a writer and programmer.  And can't really do both at the same time  le sigh.  And if you wanted to make money with the app it'd have to work for other authors too.... with minimal coding ... ugh... more work lol. So yeah that's one thing I'm thinking of doing.


But I'm thinking that a simple web page too for each book with the same information could work too.  Again in order to enable spoilers based on a book that still requires programming.  Which I've dunked into before.  


(All this is why the story bible is important)


But none of this matters if people don't ya know buy the book.  My first draft has been published on Nox's blog.  Why?  Because I wanted people to read it.  And I have no intentions of removing it when I get these published.  So the free version will always be available if you can wade through typos and the blog style format.


(I was going to start with another But... lol so I'm not)  I read an article somewhere don't remember where or when it was dated that said the best way to stay on top at Amazon is to put out books every 30 days... no way I can manage that.  These books have taken me 3 years to get to this point.  Granted the next 4 won't but I won't start editing until I  finish the next 4 book arc... why?  So I can fill in the plot holes over the arc.  So give it another 2 years to do. At least.


I can release the 4 books 6 months apart and cover the 2 years I think it'll take to write and edit the next 4.  BUT I was thinking that I could break up my prequel into the short stories they actually could be, and sell then 30 days apart, for as my stories as there are, and then release book 1 30 days after the last short, and offer up the whole short story compilation for free 30 days after release of book 1 (or the first short for free release the compilation 30 days after)


Sound good?  Bad?


What have others of you who have self published.  I know Jason and Mashiara are both traditioanlly published so not sure what that differs for ya'll.

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personally i think you run the risk of flooding your own market. you don’t yet know what kind of traction the series will have, much less whether interest will garner the need for such rapid output. in which case have so much out at once runs the risk of confusing or over saturating your audience. 


my company’s publishing our first novel in sept. its a trilogy and we’re planning the second books release for spring of next year. and thats tenative. because we dont yet know what we dont know. i.e. how well the first book does and if/what demand will be for the second. 


self publishing is a different beast than traditionally publishing in many ways, yes. but those are LARGELY focused around advertising and the mechanics of who (you, not a publisher) does the technical and leg work.  the market itself is no different from traditional publishing. we both are trying to reach the same people.


so then it stands to reason that release schedules shouldn’t differ from one method to the other. whether you stay at the top of amazon or not will more likely be based on the quality and consumption of the work. books will drop from the top. others will rise. your goal is to try and make sure each of your books rises to the top as its released. dont get bogged down in projected numbers, what other people say ‘should’ be done etc. release as YOU feel appropriate. 



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