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Welcome travelers! You are now going to go through some gateways and your task is to find out where you are. The destination is in a fantasy/sci fi world but it´s not the world itself that is the destination. For example, if the destination is the Black Tower, the right answer is the Black Tower, not Randland or whatever we call it. The destination could be a planet, a city, a building etc. I will give you five clues. You get more points the earlier you make the right guesses. You are a group, so discuss what you think it is, and then write the guess in a way that I see it´s the groups choice. (Like Official: Black Tower.)  There is no time limit.



@Mrs. Cindy Gill

@Basel Gill


@Dar'Jen Ab Owain


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A city. That makes me think Tar Valon immediately. Other fantasy and sci-fi cities? hm... Minas Tirith, though idk if it would be described that way. The Capitol from Hunger Games? 


other ideas guys?

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The citadel wouldn't be the palace, though...


Palace with a library in an impressive city.... hmmmm......


Was the library in Cairhien officially part of the palace?


Trying to think of other SF/F series where there are libraries mentioned.  I am less helpful than I want to be.

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