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Formerly known as Entertainment Discussion forum, and before that the Seanchan.


If you're interesting in Discussing TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Music or Video Games, and playing various forum games like Trivia, 20 Questions, Fantasy Football, and NFL Pickem, Just reply to this thread, and I'll add you to the list! 


Founder: @SinisterDeath

1. @keyholder21

2. @Haxorsist

3. @Krakalakachkn

4. @Justen Diablos

5. @Zanatron

6. @Turin Turambar

7. @Basel Gill

8. @Mrs. Cindy Gill

9. @Niniel

10. @Vambram

11. @amegakure

12. @imlad

13. @KingRodel

14. @Arie

15. @Nynaeve

16. @Taymist

17. @Talya

18. @Illian Tear

19. @Hallia

20. @Liitha

21. @Quibby

22. @2RiversFan

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On 8/15/2019 at 6:31 PM, Nynaeve said:

Add me


*snuggles the Souvra* :wub:


I like at least a few of those things, so count me in too. :smile:

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Only 2 more to go!


Anyone remember who was going to run NFL pick'em this year?

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