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The BotRH Music Game - Take III


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Ok, here is the third of our silly Games for our social group! To fit in with the ORG theme of music and travel, this game is based on music. Again, I will post the instructions to the game below, with an example of how it works!


Again, everyone here at DM is free to join in the fun of this silly game!


Also, many thanks to StaffMaster for suggesting this game!




You post the name of a song or a band name, then the next person who posts has to use one of the words from the previous posts to put another band name or Song name.


EXAMPLE - Post 1: In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel; Post 2: Mr. Bright Eyes by The Killers; Post 3: Somebody Told Me by The Killers...and so on and so on...


So, just join in the fun and games of this thread! ?

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