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The Musical Experiences of Jain Farstrider

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Welcome, traveler!


Jain Farstrider, well known throughout the Westlands because of the book "The Travels of Jain Farstrider", is a great inspiration for The Band of the Red Hand. The Members of the Band come from all over the known world, and would gladly share their experiences with you.




During his travels, he got in touch with many different cultures. And, every culture has their own way to express themselves in musical tunes. Be it drums, string instruments or vocal chords, music is an important way for people to express themselves. 


Did you see a great performance? Do you play an instrument? Did you hear the best song in the world and you would like other people to know about it?


Feel free to share your experiences here! We'd be thrilled if you would! 

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Something upcoming in December, but what I'm really looking forward to, is a VIP experience with Amon Amarth. VIP meaning, early access, meet & greet with the band, photo opportunities off stage AND on stage. This will be radical (yeah, I'm a big fan).


Did you already do something like that? Or, which band would you love to meet? 

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