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The Culinary Travels of Jain Farstrider

Thane Vakarian

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Welcome, traveler!


Jain Farstrider, well known throughout the Westlands because of the book "The Travels of Jain Farstrider", is a great inspiration for The Band of the Red Hand. The Members of the Band come from all over the known world, and would gladly share their experiences with you.




During the travels, Jain has encountered menu different menus from all around the known, and for some, unknown places in the world.


The Band gives you the opportunity to share all the culinary experiences, good OR bad, that you have had. Whether it's something you made yourself, somewhere you went for food or drinks (maybe both?) or something you would like to try. Let us know! We're a curious bunch

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So, I'll go first. With something very simple, yet oh so complicated at times.




Now, I've had some great pizza in my life. Recently there was this pizza from Dominos: crispy chicken, burger sauce, pickles, cheese, tomato sauce... just really good.


Of course... that's 'fast food pizza'. There's also an Italian restaurant that delivers not too far from my place. Best one there? Well, you can pick. Really, you can. Modified pizzas for still a very reasonable price, and very, very good.


What do you prefer?

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Well, guess I can follow that with my recent trip to visit family on a trip to Disneyland and going to Oga's Cantina in Galaxy's Edge (Star Wars Land).


While I didn't try the food.  I did try the following four beverages...

Blue Milk: a blue icee

Yub Nub: A Rum Punch garnished with passion fruit seeds in a souvenir Endor mug.

Dagobah Slug Slinger: Tequila and blue curacao with citrus juices, ginger, herbs and bitters

Cliff Dweller: Fruit punch with creamy coconut flavors topped with a ginger ale spice in a souvenir Porg mug.


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Spent this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana and had some pretty awesome food and some not so great food.


Went to a pizza restaurant and meh - salad was not that great because they're vinaigrette was too bitter for my liking. The pizza itself was burnt but not beyond eating (we were starving though). Maybe I shouldn't judge on pizza though considering it was a Gluten Free crust with no cheese because I'm allergic to gluten and dairy (it's okay, I'm good with it now lol).


Went to a Bru Burger Bar and I got SUPER excited that they had  gluten free buns and vegan cheese. Had the BEST salad of the weekend, then a lovely 'cheese'burger and it was AMAZING!


Liquid nitrogen vegan ice cream: yep, that happened. Yum! Name = Sub Zero.


Food trucks - we tried BBQ but should have gotten tacos. Also had a vegan vanilla gluten free cupcake that was super yum!

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Nikon, you had blue milk? How was it, I'm curious. Need to know if I need to book a tickets to Florida soon ?


Jeannaisais, too bad about the pizza place. A bad side dish indeed can ruin an entire meal. But, really glad about the burger place. I don't have any food allergies so I don't have to pay (that much) attention. How hard is it to find really good places?

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It was pretty good in my opinion, not really a special flavor as it seemed very much like the blue icees my local movie  theatre sells but still nice and tasty.


And you'll probably enjoy the travel review once I type it up and post the photos and video.

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I moved to Cleveland a couple years ago and discovered a place called the Touch Supper Club. They hosted an event one night called Wu-Tang & Tacos. It was one of the greatest dinners of my life. There was a DJ spinning nothing but Wu-Tang Clan albums and a modified menu with all the dishes named after WTC members. Our table ordered an appetizer called Masta Balls. (We needed to know what they were.) They were amazing! Brussel sprouts smoked and steamed and covered in bacon and garlic deliciousness. I didn't even know I liked brussel sprouts. 

There were several different kinds of tacos. I wish I could find the picture I took of the menu because I can't remember all the names but the were 6 different options. I just know I had a couple Ol' Dirty Bird tacos. Again, amazing! I'm not sure how you can improve a chicken taco but they did it. 

I washed it all down with a lovely  Bumbleberry brew from a local brewery called Fat Heads. It has since become my beer of choice. They recently opened a new location near my job. It looks very busy all the time so I guess I'll check it out and let y'all know how it goes!


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