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I have too many ideas.....

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I have been trying to come up with a series, but I can't seem to get it down on paper


The series is called The Magi Chronicles.  It revolves around four different characters who all get their own separate books, a fifth book involving all of them and linking the stories together.  

I have the titles of each book, anod the general stories, but I have been having a writers block for the last several years, and I can't seem to fill in the blanks.


The first book is called The Apostate.  It follows a young mage named Derick Meyer, who finds out that he is what the people in the series' universe call an apostate, which is a mage who can use magic without following the natural laws which govern magic.  For example, one of the laws of magc is the law of equilevent exchange (and yes I did rip it off of Full Metal Alchemist) which states that matter can not be created, nor destroyed, merely transformed, and that in order to create anything, something of equal value (weight, material, etc) must be sacrifice.  An apostate is able to bypass this law and simply create things from seemingly thin air.  it is believed that Apostates pose a danger to the balance of magic and could destroy the world, and thus are hunted down and killed.  The book follow Derick as he is on the run.  


The second book is called The Vanishing Point.  It follows a young mage named Rosaline Malcome, who is the apprentice to one of the top makers in the world.  Her master is attempting to create a potion of true invisability.  Up until this point, invisibility potions have not allowed the user to actually become invisible.  They user always gives off some sort of shimmer (think of how "stealth boys" work in the Fallout video game series).  He succeeds, but a rival mage attacks his laboratory and kills him.  Rosaline barely escapes with her life, and takes her master's notes.  The story follows her as she evades capture, and tries to find out who was behind the attack, and protect her masters work.  


The third book is call The Necromancer.  It follows a young mage named Nathan Brine, who attempts to use magic to resurrect his dead mother.  In this universe, one of the laws of magic is that the dead can never truly be brought back to live.  This is because human souls all go to a type of limbo called The Eternal.  Souls wait there until being reborn.  I'm thinking of having the Eternal also linked to how magic is produced, but I'm unsure.  Anywho, when a human is brought back, they have no soul, since their soul isn't returned to their body from the Eternal.  They become a flesh eating monster called a ghoul, which looks and has the memories of the person they were created from.  The story follows him as he attempts to destroy his mothers' ghoul, as well as avoid being arrested, since attempting to revive a person is a capital offense.  


The fourth book is called The Common Factor.  It follows Logan Royce, who is a "Commoner", someone who can not use magic.  In this universe, magic is considered the most important thing.  The more powerful someone's magic is the more power and influence they can amass.  The commoners are the lowest rung on the social latter.  They can't own property outside of certain areas (mostly slums), and they can't hold positions of power in the government.  Logan works with a freedom fighting organization which works to overthrow the magicracy.  The story follows him and his comrades.  The organization will actually be mentioned in the first few books in passing, and will always be called a terrorist organization.  The main plot point for the book will be that Logan notices the organization's leader simply hates all mages and magic in general, and wants to just kill them all.  He ends up leaving the organization following a fight where the leader, and his inner circle murder a bunch of children, and he forms a splinter group which still opposes the magicracy, but doesn't murder the innocent.   


The fifth and final book will involve all of the previous characters in some way, but I haven't got a set story for it yet.  

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There's no right or wrong way to form your story.  Some people just dive right in.  Others plan meticulously. 


My advice is if you're having problems starting, try writing a detailed outline of the novel.  Break it down by chapters:


1. The Apostate

a. Introduce Derick as he's running from attackers. He outsmarts them by hiding....

2. The inn

a. Derick is able to hide in the crowded inn.  There, he meets up with Donna....

b. Donna knows who he is but helps him hide from roaming bandits....

3. A respite

a. Derick and Donna sneak out of town the next morning....


I've found the more detail I can get, the better.  Sometimes my outlines are 20+ pages long.  When I sit down to write, I have all the information I need and the scenes flow pretty well.


If that doesn't work, try writing at a different spot.  Don't start at the beginning.  Write the last chapter.  Write a scene where the love interest appears.  Write the battle scene in the middle of the book.  Anything that gets your creative juices flowing is a good thing!


And last thing you can do is take a break from it completely.  Write something totally new.  Use an old idea, or a plot generator, and write SOMETHING!  Maybe even try a different genre.


I tried for ages to write sci-fi/fantasy.  Struggled and struggled and struggled.  Then I wrote a romance and it clicked.  I finished my first romance novel (50,000 words) in 15 days.  I wrote five complete novels in my first year of writing.  (They were poorly written, but they were written.)  The more you write, the more you grow, the faster you become at the craft.

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I agree with @Mashiara Sedai! At some point, you just need to dive into the actual writing of the book. You have a neat structure and overall world. Now it's time to figure out who Derick is, what he wants, what's stopping him, and what he's going to do to try and overcome. 

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That's the problem, I'm not sure how I want to develop the story.


I have multiples ideas of how to develop the characters and stories which wouldn't work together.  For example, I'm not sure how to want Derrick's story to go.  Originally, I was gonna have him as an antagonist for the final book, have him portrayed as a sort of Anti-Villain who ends up destroying the world (because of his being an apostate), with the other three characters trying to stop it from happening. 


But then I started thinking that it might be better to have it so that apostates are simply a natural occurance which allows the release of natural forces (fire, earth, air, water, etc, which they are overproduced.  


Both would be good, but I can't decide how I want the story to go.

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Start writing?  See which one like Lily says suits your fancy.  


My current story looks nothing like the first go.  The character and world are the same, but that first book is nothing like the original version.

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