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Hi everyone,


Welcome to the next iteration of Dragonmount! The core team of admins and I have been meeting and working for several months to bring you a new set of community features. We've also archived most of the older, outdated forums that were just collecting dust and making the community feel scattered. The Internet has a changed a lot since we opened in 1998, and it continues to evolve. Much of the Wheel of Time fandom lives on social media now, so we're adapting with the times.  


Here's a breakdown of what we've added and changed:


  • Clubs have been added! 
    • http://dragonmount.com/clubs 
    • All of our Social Groups (or "Orgs"), along with the Dragon Reborn Role Playing group, are now called Clubs.
    • We have a variety of types of clubs:
    • All registered visitors are able to join as many clubs as they like. 
    • Each Club has its own forum, and (optionally), it's own blog, image gallery, and secondary forums. 
    • Some (but not all), clubs may have secondary, private club spaces.  At our initial launch, this will be the White Tower club, and the Wheel of Time Playing Club. We're still evolving and figuring out the logistics for these private forums, so please have patience. But also understand that our intention is to dramatically reduce the amount of private and members-only forums across our site. Speak to the Club Leader or one of the admins for more information.
    • Some former social groups (Wolfkin, Aiel, Seanchan, etc) have been temporarily archived due to inactivity. We may bring them back at a later date. 
    • Interested in starting a new Club, or resurrecting one of our archived ones? Here's how
  • Forum Changes
    • Most of our older forums have been archived.
    • The forums will now primary focus on discussion of the WoT Books, and TV show. 
    • The "General Discussion" forum has been renamed to "Off Topic."
    • All Club Leaders have access to archived Social Group & Dragon Reborn Role Playing threads. If you are a Club Member and want some older posts migrated to your new Club forum, contact the Club Leader and they can make that happen. 
  • Social Media Integration
    • The Dragonmount forums now allow you to link to your social media. 
    • To set up your Social Media:
      • Log into DM
      • Click Your name in the upper right corner
      • Select "Social Info"
      • Fill out your Social Media links
    • Once set, your social media links & icons will appear alongside your name in the Forums and Clubs



There's many small changes throughout the website, and new features will continue to be added. The admins and I hope you'll enjoy these new Clubs, and we can't wait for the next major phase of WoT fandom.  Thanks for being a part of the community with us!


Jason Denzel



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