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Legacy episodes coming soon

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Hi everyone,


The original 4th Age podcast ran for well over 100 episodes. The DM staff is in the process of organizing those and making them available for download. We have a lot on our plate right now, but plan to make them available in the coming weeks. 


Also, keep an eye out for a forthcoming announcement about the rebirth of the show.... :myrddraal:

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I wasn't heavily into podcasts at the time, and many of the episodes predate my involvement in the WoT community, so I'll be listening to most of these for the first time. 

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Couple questions - any idea when we'll have access to the old episodes?

any idea when they'll make new episodes?

will we only be able to hear new episodes if we pay $10 a month or is that just for access to the live recordings, and we'll still be able to get the normal edited not live episodes as they're released?



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  • It’s on my To-Do list to get the episodes onto the main site. (Well, technically, they are already uploaded and ready. But I don’t have a landing page for them and I also want to write a little history to go with it.)
  • The new podcast will get a big intro as we get closer to its launch. 
  • The new podcast will start recording as we get much closer to the release of the TV show. It might be a year+. Depends on the TV show schedule, right?
  • The vast majority of new podcast episodes will be free. 
  • Patreon subscribers will be able to listen to the podcast episode “outtakes” along with maybe some live episodes. 
  • Right now, the plan is to partner with an established podcast network. They do an annual membership drive, and we may choose to create an additional episode exclusively for them to help drive membership to them. My understanding is this isn’t a requirement on our part, but we might do it anyway to help out. 

@Kathy Campbell might have more info. She’s going to be the new podcast lead. 

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