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Wild Theory About Ogier-Aiel

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So I'm new here, and a relatively new fan, only found the books a couple years ago. I was going through them again, and an idea just stuck into my head and I couldn't get it out, and it's blossomed into this fully formed, if speculative theory: Aiel are human-ogier hybrids, or at least were, though the blood has diluted significantly over the years. 


My evidence:
Aiel trend significantly taller than other ethnic groups.

Aiel have light eyes, and Ogier have light eyes (at least the ones we are told the color of).

Da'shain Aiel and Ogier could both sing to plants, though it is unknown if many modern Aiel can. It seems unlikely given the waste, and the blood may have thinned a lot.

Aiel and Ogier both take to peace solidly, and fiercely to battle.

Aiel call Ogier tree-brothers (A remnant of a memory that they are related????)

As far as we know, Da'shain Aiel could not channel, and could not for a long time, and Ogier cannot either, perhaps the blood needed enough thinning before they could.


I admit there is no solid proof, but it's unconfirmed if humans and ogier are even compatible in that way. Or perhaps Aginor, before turning to the shadow, or another Aes Sedai used their genetic manipulations to create them, and swore them to peace, knowing how fierce Ogier can be.

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I love a good theory, but I think the Aiel are just a tall race/subpopulation of humans who tend to have light eye coloring and reddish/sunny hair color.


As for Treebrothers, this is what Ogier were commonly called in the AoL.  Note that Selene (Lanfear) called Loial "alantin" which means "Brother,"  shorthand for tia avende alantin, which means "Brother to Trees."


I do find it interesting that, as far as I can recall, the tuatha'an (Tinkers) are not described as being particularly tall or light-eyed or reddish of hair.  My guess is that over the last 3,000 years or so, the Tinkers have mixed quite a bit with other Randlanders (they are known for attracting new adherents from villages that they pass by).


I hope that in his future travels, post-AMoL Rand sings for/with the Tinkers and makes things grow with them.

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if I recall correctly, there were other tall humans in the books besides the Aiel.


singing; that could have been something they were taught.


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