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Approved Returning Warder Bio for Thera Trakelyn - CC Not Required


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Character Name: Thera Trakelyn

DM Handle: Eqwina/Crystal Sedai

Age: 30

Place of Origin/Raising: Caemlyn

Physical Appearance: Red hair, brown eyes, 5ft6, weighs 135


WS: 19


Philosophy: Flame and Void

Primary Weapon: Katana

Secondary Weapon: Bow

Tertiary Weapon: Dagger


Character History:


Thera was born to Annoura ni Casther t’ Trakelyn and Matrim Trakelyn. She was the middle child of five children. Her father was a minor noble in Caemlyn. They owned a large manor house in the country. Thera was a tomboy, as a young girl she would never wear dresses only pants and coats. She could shoot a bow or handle a sword as good as any boy. Her days were spent running around with her brothers in the woods hunting rabbits and fishing. Thera and her brother Matrim would use practice swords to fight each other. Thera almost always won. People almost always assumed she was a man. She wore only pants and coats and kept her hair short.


When she was young she would travel to the city with her dad. They would always stay at the Queens Blessing. One winter while they were away the manor was burned. Sadly Annoura didn’t make it out in time. Matrim moved his family into the city. They rented a small room upstairs from a seamstress. Matrim sent his two oldest boy’s Thad and Arden off to join the Queen’s guard. Thera begged to be allowed to try, but the queen’s guard only took men. That left Thera to take care of the family. Mistress Anna (the seamstress) took young Thera under here wing and taught her how to sew, cook, and do needlepoint. All of the things she despised. Thera did them all without complaint. She just wanted to please her father.


When Thera was 16 she was taking a sewing lesson from Mistress Anna, When an Aes Sedai came in inquiring about a silk print she had seen in the window. Thera had seen enough Aes Sedai to recognize their ageless faces . With the Aes Sedai was a woman in her middle years, with the look of a cat ready to pounce. If Thera didn’t know better she would have thought her the Aes Sedai’s warder. When they were gone Thera asked Mistress Anna. And to her surprise the woman was the Aes Sedai’s warder. As long as the girls can keep up, the tower allows them to try.


A year and a half went by, The Aes Sedai and her warder almost forgotten. When Thera life changed.


Thera sat alone waiting for her father to come home. Her other brother’s had joined the Queen’s Guard, so it was just her and her father. Two days and then a week past with no sign of him. Thera waited a month more, when there was no word from her father she made a decision. She would go to Tar Valon.


She had Mistress Anna make her a few new outfits of breeches and coats. She spent all her free time practicing with her father’s sword, and riding her horse around the city. It had been years since she had been riding. Mistress Anna gave Thera all the money she had. And helped her ready provisions for her journey. Within two weeks she was ready to leave. She left early one morning through the North gate.Her heart broke as she left everything she had ever known behind. But she never shed a tear. Maybe she would make a good warder after all.


For all her supposed skill with a sword she quickly learned that she knew next to nothing about actual fighting, or the proper way to hold her weapon. In fact she spent much of her time playing catch up to the other students. She was not the fastest learned, but she did have dedication. Often she took extra lessons and when she was not working in Practice Yards she was at the armory learning about the weapons she one day hoped to wield as an expert. 


The years past faster than she had ever dreamed, and somehow Thera found herself bonded to the most beautiful little pixie of an Aes Sedai. Serena and Thera spent many years learning each others ways, and traveling far and wide. During their years alone out in the world their bond became something more. They shared a love so fiery and full of passion that it eventually led to their destruction. 


Through their passionate fights, and endless making up Thera never once wavered in her devotion to Serena. Even when their relationship was at its breaking point she would have died for her always. 


6 years ago when Thera was only 28 years old Serena disappeared into the night, and the bond had been masked ever since. Because she had never felt the death rage, Thera knew that Serena still lived, but beyond brief glimpses that told her Serena's general direction in the world she had not seen her since.


Unable to bear losing both Serena and her life in the White Tower, Thera rededicated herself to her training and became a blade-master and one of the best swordsmen in the yard. Her skill with weapons and her ability to lead got her a promotion to Mistress of Trainees. It was not a position that she had ever aspired to, but it was one that she took very seriously. It was as if her failures in her personal life and her assumed failure as a Warder pushed her to be the best at something. 


Being the best, in Thera's mind, went hand in hand with being strict. She was a fierce Mistress of Trainee's, but cared deeply for her charges and wanted the best for all of them. She wanted to instill in them a sense of duty to the White Tower, and an powerful sense of themselves. It was her hope that if they knew themselves better they would not repeat her mistakes. 


As the years continued to pass, Thera had hoped that the pain she felt at Serena’s disappearance would fade. Instead of the pain fading, it ate at her and a darkness began to grow and fester in her heart. She took up drinking to numb the pain, and it didn’t take long before she was next to worthless as Mistress of Trainee’s. Her years of dedicated service to the white tower had earned her a room in the Barracks, but her drunkenness and surly disposition had lost her most of her friends. 

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