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Approved Returning WT Bio for Eqwina al’Caupthn - CC Not Required


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Age: 150+

Nation of origin: Ebou Dar, but was raised all over the world
Hair: Midnight black hair that hangs a foot below her waist
Eyes: Large emerald green eyes
Skin: Pale ivory skin
Height: 4'8
Physical Description: Eqwina is short, even for a girl. She is 4'8 and very voluptuous. You could mistake her for fat if it weren't for the thin silver belt she always wore tight around her wait. You could never mistake her for ugly. She has pale ivory skin, with large emerald green eyes, full lips, and midnight black hair that hangs a foot below her waist. It is held out of her eyes by two small silver barrettes that attached at the back of her head with a silver chain strung with tiny pearls. It was a gift from Elfian.


OP Scores

Air: 7

Earth: 5

Fire: 5

Water: 7

Spirit: 6

Strength: 30 (30)

Skill Potency: 31



Character History

Eqwina al’Caupthn was born 17 years ago to Adwyn and Davehm al’Capthn; owners of a small inn (The Peddler’s Delight)in Ebou Dar. She was always mature for her age and tough as nails (you have to be in Ebou Dar). When she was in her 11th year, a fight got out of hand and her parents inn was burned to the ground. They both died in the fire.

Young Eqwina was pulled sleeping from her bed by and old Gleeman named Elfian Nathune. The old man felt sorry for the girl so he decided to take her on as an apprentice. He taught her to play the harp, juggle, tell stories, and tumble. They spent many years traveling the world preforming. Eqwina thought of the man as family. They were on their way to Cairhien when Elfian took ill. Eqwina started preforming three times a day. It took them months to reach Cairhien.

By the time they arrived Elfian was so ill he could hardly stand. Eqwina got a room for them at an inn, where she performed for food, lodging, and a few coppers a day. One evening Eqwina went bounding up the stairs excited to tell Elfian that she had finally been able to tell the THE HUNT FOR THE HORN all the way through with out making a mistake. But sadly when she reached the room he was dead.

She panicked, grabbed all of her belongings, saddled her horse and rode as fast as she could away from that city, swearing she would never return. She made it all the way to Tar Valon. She was penniless and alone. She tried to find work, but could not. The city had too many Gleeman as it was. She couldn’t even find a room at an inn. She tried to sell her horse Deliah for money, but nobody was interested. She finally decided to go to the White tower to see if she could ever become Aes Sedai. 

Eqwina fought hard to follow her dream. She was not the the most skilled, but she worked hard and was able to chose her sisters. She joined the Yellow Ajah and made it her mission to heal. 



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