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Mashiara Sedai

DM News:JordanCon Anthology Author: Alexandra Hill

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For our next entry in the first ever JordanCon AnthologySo You Want Stories?I got to talk to Alexandra Hill about her submission "The Bakery: Prelude to a Fairy Tale."



First, can you tell us about your writing?  Is this your first published work?


I read really broadly, and I think that translates into what I write; I’ve either finished or am in the process of stories in a number of genres, including sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, memoir, and so-called “literary fiction.” Fantasy feels like home, though, especially in atemporal or modern settings. I love how the genre lets me ask “what if…?” not just of my characters, but of the world in which they live.


I’ve published academic writing under my real name – I’m a computational biologist by training, and have a few papers out under my real name – but “The Bakery” is my first work of published fiction.


Where does your story fall on the speculative fiction scale?


I think the title gives it away! “The Bakery: Prelude to a Fairy Tale” is fantasy, and sets up the world before “Once upon a time.”


What excited you the most with writing this story?


A million years ago, my Grade 12 English class was able to pick whatever topic they wanted for their final project. My subject: “Freudian Psychoanalysis and the Evolution of the Modern Day Villain.” I had a blast. I interpreted how Freud would have interpreted the backstories of villains in three 90s Batman Movies and three novels (Perfume, Harry Potter, and Hannibal Rising).


Writing this story felt as fun as that project. I loved creating my own spin on the backstory of a female villain. I think the world sees a lot of stories of men behaving badly, and having some kind of origin story for their evil and/or redemption arcs, but historically, women’s stories haven’t been explored that way. I don’t think that Elle’s life justifies any of her more “established” story, but I hope I’ve managed to create more depth to the character!


Are there any themes you want readers to get a sense of?


I’ve always been fascinated in peoples’ opinions of themselves. I think most people think that they’re fairly good people, but situations like Elle’s, where you’re stuck between impossible options through no fault of your own, mean that most people’s moral sense gets thrown out the window. I hope that readers ask themselves what they’d do in her place – and then really ask themselves what they’d do if they were her.


Is there a specific inspirational source you used for this story?




…What, you think I’m going to give away the ending?


What else would you like to say to your readers?


I hope you enjoy this story! If you see me at JordanCon, be sure to stop and tell me who your favorite fictional villains are. 



Thanks, Alexandra, for joining us at Dragonmount


And don't forget today is the last day to preorder So You Want Stories? from JordanCon's website.  The convention will have a few copies on hand, but don't risk it!

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    • This is how I always imagined them handling the use of the OP. And with CGI, I think it can be done well. I've always envisioned it like ribbons of light, a different color for each part of the OP, being actually woven in different patterns for different weaves.   Yes, learning the truth caused many of the Aiel to go crazy, like Sevanna's first lover, and many others to totally abandon the Aiel way of life (forget what they call it). And I think they need to show the Emonds Fielders' each having a couple stops along their way to Baerlon and Tar Valon, to give us a good sense of how long of a journey it is.     Well, if they're gonna have "pillow friends out the wazoo", they'll have nudity. It's unfortunate that they will have to pander to the PC crowd and it really is a sad commentary on modern society that we can't enjoy a tv show/movie without nudity. But I think they need to choose the scenes carefully. Like it's one thing to see Aviendha running off nude to Rhuidean, but not dignified Moiraine. Just showing her bare shoulders will be enough to know that she too, has to go nude. I will be very upset if they mix in real world cursing with WoT style cursing. It is a big part of RJ's world building and helps to set it apart as alternative world. (I believe "bloody" is actually a curse word in the UK.)     Not saying I agree with polygamy, but if you can have homosexuality, why not polygamy? Besides the fact that it is totally accepted in Aiel culture. But I think they can do as independent trysts, with Min being the one he finally stays with. I don't think they should cut any of the 3 relationships because they are important in the development of the characters, and where Elayne is concerned, Rand's feelings for her impact his decision in dealing with Rahvin because he knows if he allows his feelings for her to become public, she will become a target. (Personally, I would really like to keep Elayne's pregnancy because there was a lot about it I found amusing.) I would really miss the scene when they all bond Rand and become fully aware of his love for them. I thought it was a beautiful scene, but I know we can't have it all.   The use of the Bowl of Winds is what finally checked the Dark One's control of the weather. It was a major victory for the Aes Sedai and Wind Finders, so I think it needs to stay in. Shadar Logoth and it's consequences (Mat accepting the dagger) is already pretty important, I think. Fain will probably be important for the first season or so, but then I say kill him off.   I hope they don't sacrifice the development of the main characters for the sake of time or big action/battle scenes. The growth of our main characters and their friendship bonds are one of the things that sets WoT apart from most other fantasy books I've read. It's actually what I love so much about Harry Potter and why I can watch those movies over and over and have read the books twice. I just fell in love the with the characters and their devotion to each other.  
    • Oh I didn't know those weren't all the titles
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