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Liam N

WoT Videogames

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So I have been looking for a WoT video game for awhile now and have been having trouble. Amazon will probably make one eventually but for now I am stuck with one or two skyrim weapon mods, a M&B mod, and the really old first person shooter that won't even run on my PC. 


I have found something else though, there is a browser based game I found that seems pretty cool, the community is active and the mechanics are innovative. It's called Game of Stones http://gos.talij.com Basically the game resets every once in awhile after the Last Battle which is an in game thing, and a new age is starting March 24th 10 PM EST which means a reset. I have a clan for Ogier and have started negotiations and alliances already to secure Stedding Shangtai. Also there is some good RP in the game too.


It is somewhat hard to get into, but use the wiki and play until at least like level 5, and you should be good. Oh and join the discord, the community is really helpful. There is a link on the website to the discord if you go to the messages tab at the top and click on the world of dreams. Tell me if you want to join my clan!

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