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WoT Casting - S..t just got real: Tam, Bayle, Gareth

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Right, according to sources, the WoT TV Series might finally be happening. That means only one thing: sh.t just got real in the "who I want as actor to play [x] character" debate!


To that end, I will be starting a series of threads in which you can post your pictures of actors whom you think will be best able to portray the characters.


There will be rules!


1) Post a picture of your choice, with their name.


2) Pick people who actually are actors (they don't need to be famous) or at a pinch models, who you think could act, and the right age right NOW.


3) Pick people who roughly resemble the description of the characters (I'll post what descriptions there are). Obviously you don't have to be pedantic, but it's got to be realistic. Aiel aren't generally short and dark. Seafolk are generally very dark skinned. Egwene is a teenager, so someone in their 30's or 40's isn't going to work.


4) No biting, kicking or scratching. Channeling and stabbing is allowed, though.


This post will be copied and pasted to each new thread I make, cos I'm lazy.


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Grouped together roughly for order of appearance we have Tam al’Thor, Bayle Domon and Gareth Bryne.


Description of Tam al'Thor:




Tamlin al'Thor is the adoptive father of Rand al'Thor. He lives on a farm in the Westwood near Emond's Field, where he raised Rand from a baby.

He has a thick chest and a lined face. His hair was gray with sprinkles of black at the beginning of 998 NE, but by the middle of 1000 NE, it is completely gray. He is described as being solid in virtually every conceivable way.

He has been shown to be a superbly skilled warrior, both with a sword and perhaps even more so with a bow. He essentially never misses a shot, and his capabilities with a blade were such that even Al'Lan Mandragoran saluted his skill.



Description of Bayle Domon:




He is a broad, muscular man. He has dark hair that hangs to his shoulders and a long beard that leaves his upper lip bare. He has a round face, but not soft. (TGH,Ch9) After being made so'jhin, he wears his hair in a braid and the left side of his head is shaven making his beard look very peculiar.

Domon helped Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Thom Merrilin escape Trollocs near Shadar Logoth, and has since been an active, if indirect, player in the current struggles between the Westlands, the Seanchan, and the Shadow.

He is an accomplished sailor, and enjoys collecting old things and seeing the sights of the world. He did a brisk trade along the rivers, until - in Maradon - he bought one of the seals to the Dark One's prison. Subsequently, he was chased by Shadowspawn and Darkfriends all the way to Illian. After being captured by the Seanchan[1], he was forced to hand the seal over to High Lord Turak Aladon.

He agrees to help Nynaeve, Elayne, Min and Egwene get away from Falme by ship.[2] The escape plans don't work out but he manages his own escape during the confusion during the battle with the Seanchan and heads for Tanchico.[3]


As a captain, Domon is a formidable employer, but he makes good profits and shares them with his crew. He prefers to do all the difficult sailing maneuvers by himself, although he is confident rather than arrogant. He is loyal, helping out the needy when he can; for example, he arranged passage for Egwene al'Vere, Min Farshaw, Nynaeve al'Meara, and Elayne Trakand in Falme, and later on helps them in Tanchico as well.[4]




Description of Gareth Bryne:




He is bluff faced and stocky. His hair is gray at the temples. He looks as strong and immovable as a rock. (TEotW,Ch40) His hair is thick with gray. (TFoH,Ch1) He has a square face. His dark hair is heavy with gray. (LoC,Prologue) He is stocky, graying and moderately tall with a broad face. (ACoS,Ch11)





My sources were Wikipedia and WoT Encyclopedia.





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Tam al'Thor doesn't actually appear in the series except the first chapter or 2, a bit in the middle, and then towards the end again. Much is made of his fighting skills, but it's not shown very often. As such, I don't think it's necessary to get someone known for those skills to be the actor. Obviously if one can be found, wonderful.


I've not really made up my mind about an actor, but I have this offering:


Billy Burke:

William Albert Burke (born November 25, 1966) is an American actor. He is known for his role as Charlie Swan in Twilight and its sequels. In 2011, he played Cesaire in Red Riding Hood. In 2012, he was cast as one of the lead characters, Miles Matheson, in the NBC science-fiction series Revolution. From 2015 to 2017, he starred in the CBS series Zoo. He has also appeared in the supernatural horror film Lights Out (2016) and the thriller Breaking In (2018).


He's done quite well at playing the solid, supporting father. He's not bad on the eye either. He can bulk up if need be.








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Bayle Domon is an intelligent man who acts gruff, but seems to have a heart of gold. Though it states that he is a broad, muscular man with a round face, his appearance to a degree is less integral than the character, IMO.

He makes me think of a snugly teddy bear who could kill if need be.


At the moment my heart is quite set on Jeffrey Dean Morgan:


Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor. He is known for his roles as John Winchester on the fantasy horror series Supernatural (2005–07, 2019), Denny Duquette on the medical drama series Grey's Anatomy (2006–09), The Comedian in the superhero film Watchmen (2009), Jason Crouse on the political drama series The Good Wife (2015–16), Negan on the horror drama series The Walking Dead (2016–present), and Harvey Russell in Rampage (2018).


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My pick for Gareth Bryne is David Boreanaz:


David Boreanaz (/ˌbɔːriˈɑːnəz/;[1] born May 16, 1969) is an American actor, television producer, and director, known for playing the roles of vampire-turned-private investigator Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003) and its spinoff Angel (1999–2004); FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth on the television crime procedural comedy-drama series Bones (2005–2017); and Jason Hayes in the military drama series SEAL Team.





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On ‎2‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 7:08 AM, Elgee said:

I think the first casting choice should be for Moraine and Lan as they will be the lead storyline to begin the series. I predict that they will be established actors, in that Amazon will want big names to launch their epic show. It will be a large ensemble cast made up of big names and fresh faces. The casting director has a big job ahead of them. We should here something about casting choices in the next few months.


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3 hours ago, Hawaii Rod said:

I think Jason Momoa would be a good choice for Lan 




Ya this ^^^^^^^

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I actually think Jeffery Dean Morgan would be better as far as LOOKS for Tam or Gareth then Bayle but his acting/personality/mannerisms etc fit Bayle better.


And for Thom....


Image result for sam elliott


Sam Elliot

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