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Filming Starts in September

Hawaii Rod

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 Now that it has come out that Wheel of Time will start filming in Prague in September, when will casting begin? We are six months away from filming, who will be cast first? I think Moraine and Lan will be the first to be cast. In that the series may go for 10 years, they must cast actors who are willing to commit for up to a decade. Could be lots of new faces...

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It will be a big waste of everyones time because the book series really isn't finished itself, which I know doesn't

answer these e questions.

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You may not like the ending but WOT is finished.

To the OP, they could film multiple seasons at the same time since the books only cover around 2 1/2 years or so. Moiraine will probably be a known or semiknown actress as a draw

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I am guessing there will be 3 movies or 4, that seems to be the popular length.  A 14 book series seems hard to make into a movie.

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Even as a TV series how many books a season?  Can't do a book a season, so if it lasts 5 years you are still looking at 3 books per season.

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I very much doubt they'll film scenes potentially years in advance of when they'll be used, if the series even makes it that long.  They almost certainly won't be filming scenes from the Last Battle in season 4 so they won't have to pay Moiraine's actress when she shows back up in the story three seasons later.  Moiraine is the most prominent character to disappear from the series for a time, only to show back up again much later, but she's far from the only one.  Else Grinwell, Almun Bunt, Paitr Conel, Morgase Trakand, Gareth Byrne, Byar and Aram are just a few.  Getting actors for those roles with some kind of contract that gets them a scene in one season, then nothing again for a year or more before they're in another scene or before they become more regular cast, is gonna be a trick.


So the trick is, you don't try.  This is a series that may go for 10 seasons (though it'll probably be written for seven), but it also might not make it to three.  Don't cross bridges before you have to burn them.  Or something like that.  Just don't spend too much money on actors that might be hard to call back up later, if the series makes it long enough that they'll need those characters again.  Prefer actors who are fans of the series so they'll want to come back later, without having to have a contract tying them down.  And don't forget that recasts of forgettable characters introduced early on is a thing, and as long as the recast mostly looks and acts the same, many won't even notice.  It would even be possible to recast Moiraine, if necessary, and chalk it up to her time with the 'Finns changing her appearance.  And while the aspect of some of the named, throw-away characters from early on showing back up later is a neat aspect of the books that has some cool thematic uses, it's not at all necessary.  Almun and Paitr don't have to be preserved for the TV show.  There's no reason that darkfriend boy trying to help Morgase escape has to be the same one Rand punched out, and the old man worrying about the orchard doesn't need to be the same guy who gave Rand and Mat a ride into Caemlyn.  

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Of those disappearing/reappearing characters, I think Moiraine, Bryne and Morgase and Grinwell doesn't need to be in there at all. Nothing earthshattering happens at the farm, like 4 kings and some others.

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WoT is finished.... WoT is this....


I'm just going to say that this attitude on this forums of this is how it all is and now you just have to accept it is



I al lament hte fact that WoT seems to have to exist in such a weird context...


For one, it's written in South Carolina using the old system meant to deal with African slaves of the 19th century....


Tnat is reprehensible, though it's couched in a number of differnt ways that make it obscure.....


Secondly, the author died and that has made everyone uneasy and blame has gone out, and also taken by

many anti-fans to mean the end of the series... which may hae threatened their ego or soomething at some point

now they know definitively X character is gone or something it has been game of Throned.


Third, it has not now been awhile , or rather now been awhile 1990 to now 29 years is a long time for this book....


So people have forgotten it or never heard of it... and finally now the TV show which has rressurected not the

enjoyment of the series but veiled excuses to talk about issues 1-3.... how depressing.


Even on this forum there are many who would still say ah but this is an enviromnment where I can talk down to

X Y Z and they have no co choice this is crazy... such people or persons are formulating their e response to this post as we speak.


This is what I would propose.....


Lets not using every piece of popularity with the series etc to push a point... as all that happened in this thread....


Secondly no more 19th century garbage from America, please, thanks.

Third, even though Wheel of Time has techniacally finished many changes could be made at many different points

and should be made as the series interruption has to do with geo politics really and not other things.


This place should be a place to


1. Bring fans of the series together, because they WANT to be here and are supportive.

2. Discuss the theories and series points in an environment which is constructive and open to

criticism or cah change.

3. Listen to the news/new ideas with excitement but not having it all be destroyed either because

one person doesn't like it or something hast o to control conversation.


Then we can stop saying well there is good here but but but, we can just say Wheel of Time is a great series

that has just begun in a sense, begun to bring in new fans, begun to be recognized, begun to be a part of something

other than well you are one of those types produce a masterpiece for us with your life sort of deal....


Edit: One other thing I want to add is what occurred is most everyone of a certain point

whe went int he Harry Potter route that is to say that became the series for nerds to follow

as it simply didn't exist in the WoT spectrum of 19th century issues.....


Not one person wanted WoT really.....


Because in Harry Potter there isn't all this... negativity....


However, one issue is that Harry Potter isn't for everyone the characters are unique and WoT

offers diversity in this respect.


I propose however simply that Harry Potter and WoT exist together, both for people who

want different things can get them. Different types of magic for different types of


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On 3/9/2019 at 9:57 AM, Sabio said:

I honestly have no idea what you are going on about.  

I second that lol, I managed to translate it into English somewhat but i'm still confused about this \/ \/ \/


On 3/3/2019 at 9:01 PM, Apple151 said:

For one, it's written in South Carolina using the old system meant to deal with African slaves of the 19th century....

other than that I think he is saying ignore the cannon because he doesn't like Brandon Sanderson and amazon should make the show off of whatever crazy theories he comes up with. Somehow at the same time though he thinks that amazon should not make the show because of fans being mad over changing characters and.....19th century issues? I'm not sure but I think that he thinks that the things WoT talks about are outdated in some way. Anyway, I may be wrong but thats what I could decipher from that post. If it isn't obvious already I disagree and cannon is cannon, amazon may have to cut some stuff but they don't have to just not do it or change the entire series to adapt it into a TV show. Also WoT talks about all sorts of stuff and I never connected it to South Carolina in the 19th century.

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