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US: Are You Staying Warm & Safe?


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US weather: Record low temperatures ‘threaten 110 million Americans’ with risk of hypothermia 'in a matter of minutes'


The extreme cold and record-breaking temperatures are blasting a swathe of states spanning from North Dakota to Missouri and into Ohio after a powerful snowstorm pounded the region earlier this week.


The Midwest is getting hit by a powerful polar vortex and people are feeling a blistering wind chill around Chicago. Schools are closed, hundreds of flights have been delayed or canceled and parts of the region could be colder than the Arctic Circle.


In Minnesota, blustery weather could mean wind chills that could approach 70 below.


Minnesota's Xcel Energy says equipment failures on power poles is leading to outages throughout the Twin Cities Tuesday evening, which started at about 5:40 p.m., CBS Minnesota reports. More than 7,300 people are still without power in the Twin Cities metro area. 


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I don't know which is worse - extreme cold or extreme heat. Poor Australia is hitting temps of over 50C (122F). We're still in an extreme drought in the South and Western part of South Africa. Russia's getting temps of almost -50C. Incredible.

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I saw that about Australia!!! 


In fact, all of Australia – again – is in the midst of one of its hottest summers on record, according to the New York Times. Dozens of wildfires raged on Tasmania, an island off the south coast of Australia.

It's so hot there that snakes are seeking refuge in people’s toilets, the Capital Weather Gang reported.

And in Alaska, it's too warm for sled dog races. "Rain and poor trail conditions have led to the cancellation of this year’s Willow 300 Sled Dog Race," the Anchorage Daily News reported. A stretch of above-freezing temperatures had led to open water on sections of the trail.

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The weather is definitely extreme.


I know I'm not getting the worst of it, but here in south-west Ohio, it didn't get above zero (degrees F) until after 1 pm this afternoon. And the wind chill was well below zero. My son's school was cancelled today, and is again tomorrow. This morning going into work snow was freezing on the windshield even with heater on and windshield wipers working.


Just hope everyone stays safe.

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Hubby and oldest are flying to Montana on Tuesday; youngest and I will follow on March 15 for a week.


The friend we are going to visit says she has 4 ft of snow in her driveway . . . ?


Should be interesting . . . my boys have never seen snow!

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They are Florida born and raised! Last time we had snow here was in 1989.  


My oldest has seen snow by now. I'm hoping there will still be some left when my youngest and I get there next Friday!

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More is coming.




The central United States will have little time to recover from the latest severe weather outbreak before the next round of violent storms ignites early next week. 


This next outbreak has the potential to be just as significant, if not worse than the severe weather event that began unfolding on Friday.

"It looks like there is no end in sight to this very active pattern of severe weather into the end of May," AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer said.

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