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[White Ajah - Winter Carnival] Eye of the World Trivia

Mashiara Sedai

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Do you think you know The Eye of the World forward and backward?  Now's your time to prove it!



I will post 6 questions each day over the next five days (five questions and one hard bonus question, which might be hinted at in The Eye of the World, but talked of in later books).  PM me your answers.  Anyone can play.  Anyone can enter at anytime while the contest is open.  All answers are due to me by 12PM EST Saturday.  Awards and siggies will be awarded on Sunday!




I'll keep a running total of participants and their points!





Elgee: 11 points

Gentled Ben: 13 points

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DAY 1:



1. What is the name of the town south of Emond's Field?

2. What three shadowspawn are spotted in the Two Rivers after Bel Tine?

3. What is the name of Captain Doman’s boat?

4. What was found under The Eye of the World?

5. What does the Green Man call Rand?


BONUS QUESTION (worth 2 points):

6. Name two women who sit on the Women's Circle in Emond's Field.

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Day 2:


7. How many days did it take the Emond Fielders to reach Baerlon after crossing the Taren?

8. What is Shaidar Logoth's real name?

9. What stedding does Loial come from?

10. Name two other wolves in Hopper's pack.

11. Who rules Fal Dara Keep?


BONUS (worth 2 points):


12. What is the real name of the Green Man?


(PS: I'll accept incorrect spelling as long as I can identify what you're meaning)

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Day 3


13. Who was the Congar that named the Dark One?

14. On what two festivals does Rand lay flowers on his mother’s grave?

15. Which guardsman catches Rand in the palace gardens with Elayne?

16. How do the Shainarans greet Loial?

17. What area do Perrin and Egwene trek through when separated from Moiraine?


BONUS QUESTION (worth 2 points):

18. What is the name of the Mahdi Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas meet?

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Forgot to post yestersay’s questions!


Day 4:

19. How is the ferry rendered useless after the Emond Fielders pass the Taren?

20. Why types of animals can be used to be the Dark One’s eyes?

21. What is Rand’s first reaction to touching the True Source?

22. What inn offers Mat and Rand help in Caemlyn?

23. What is the name of Manetheren's last king?



24. Who are the two Forsaken killed at the Eye reborn as later in the series? (Their new names, not old.)


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Day 5:


25. What is the name of the scandalous dance the Tinkers perform for Perrin?

26. What country were Perrin and Egwene pretending to be from?

27. How does Moiraine form a link to the three ta’veren?

28. How does Nynaeve find the Emond Fielders in Baerlon?

29. What’s the name of Moiraine’s horse?



30. What name does Loial know Fal Dara as?

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