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    • I think the sharans were a victim of RJ spending too much time on stuff that went nowhere, like Luca or took too long to wrap, faile's rescue. Don't get me wrong, I listened to the whole story cover to cover so to speak because story as a whole made up for the less than stellar parts. In this regard I think Brandon gets unfairly blamed by some when he had no control over the first 11 books. E.g. the Sharans should've been introduced in FOH or something and not as a Deus Ex Machina bad guy army.
    • "I'm sure a lot of this equipment can be downgraded, and added body-cams with minimal cost."   Well dash board cams or such might be doable but what do you mean by "Downdgrading the equipment?       "From an Evidentiary stand point, maybe court cases will become expedited through the use of body-cams, without necessitating every cop involved come in and testify."   Never going to happen. First, the cop is required to testify as to chain of possession of the video. Second the video itself is never enough evidence. both the prosecutor and the defense will want to question the officer as to why things occured as they are pictured on the video, about things that occured but were not picked up on the video and to explain whether his actions depicted on the video were within his understanding of departmental policy and the requirements of the law.     "Hell, adding new/better software, could help Cops write their reports in a fraction of the time... Which could help those who are barely literate. "   Likely not a good idea. You want the reports based on the officers recollection and notes. The videos are helpful to determine discrepencies in the officer's reports in cases where such become an issue. By allowing the officer to veiw the video and then right his report you likely would be permitting officers to talyor the reports to explain away many issues that the videos might bring into focus.     
    • Rather quietly, with a niece and nephew each from different sibs.