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Trying to find a quote

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Hello one and all!


  I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a quote.  It is when Egwene is being trained by the Aiel Wise Ones, and their lesson about dealing with pain.  I am planning on using it as part of a paper I am writing for school.  The quote goes something to the tune of "scream and yell and let the pain roll off of you..." or something to that effect.  If anyone could help with which book (and maybe even chapter) this is in, that would be muchos appreciated!  Thanks for the help!

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I think this might be in Knife of Dreams, actually.  I cannot check now, but I recall her discussing these thoughts in that book when she meets with Silviana and the chapter describing Egwene's first days back in the Tower while Elaida ruled it.  You may wish to check there.

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