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Theories After aMoL

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 I will refer to the shadow prophecies. Sanderson has said everything in both the Dragon and Dark Prophecies did come true.

(TGH CH.6)"Luc came to the Mountains of Dhoom. Isam waited in the high passes. The hunt is now begun. The Shadow's hounds now course, and kill. One did live, and one did die, but both are. The Time of Change has come. Blood feeds blood. Blood calls blood. Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be."

"Luc came to the Mountains of Dhoom. Isam waited in the high passes.

This is the start of the thread to unraveling the shadow prophecies. Luc and Isam are named. No symbol no allusion, they are flat out named. That is very significant because it’s so unnatural. There is zero room for interpretation, this prophecy is about the two of them. We can analyze the tense of the verbs. Came and waited. This events happened in the past. Isam was already there and Luc arrived later but still in the past.

The hunt is now begun.

The hunt is now begun brings us to the present and we get our first symbol and first chance for interpretation. The hunt could refer to The Great Hunt, which is set in motion when this prophecy is written. Hunting is usually in reference to something to do with Perrin or wolves. Potentially Mat as well, since he blows the horn, but it appears Rand is out. Of the three Ta’veren, this probably is a mirror to Perrin or Mat in some way.

It could also refer to the Perrin vs Slayer battle during the last hunt. If so then this allude to this Slayer being set loose. Maybe even that Slayer was actually at Fal Dara setting things in motion. Slayer calls himself a hunter of the horn in the two rivers so if he was at Fal Dara, calling him a Hunter of the Horn would be a clever hint to that. 2 for Perrin 1 for Mat

The Shadow's hounds now course, and kill.

This could be a reference to Darkhounds. It could also be a reference to Slayer, a two soul. Hounds and hunting are strong symbols for Perrin so Slayer is a good interpretation. The Jarring switch from past to present also seems important. To me, it appears to make the Merge of souls seem recent. That would explain how if he had strength at the Last Hunt when he fought Perrin at the two Rivers he would have destroyed him.

One did live, and one did die, but both are.

In order to merge two souls one must be dead and one must be alive. Kind of a redundant, but it’s an important rule with important implications. Going further, we are back to the past tense. This to me signifies that when they met in the past; one of them died and one of them lived. Fain, arguably a two soul, never looks like mordith. He just sounds like him and acts like him. One could assume the living soul is the body shared and the form always present in the physical world. This would be Luc in the case of Slayer.

When Slayer and Cyndane meet:

No woman walked the town with such an imperious expression, such self-assurance, as if she expected the rocks themselves to obey if told to jump. Isam went quietly down on one knee. I think even though it’s Isam’s PoV, it’s still Luc’s Body. Luc tended to be the more accommodating one. Isam the hard one. At least that’s how he saw it.

Accommodating: (of physical space, especially a building) provide lodging or sufficient space for.

There isn’t one description of Isam’s appearance in (Ch.1 aMoL). But if it’s Luc body, this would mean either Luc has no control of the body or he is actually evil or even turned.(related to Rand so potential male channeler)

The Time of Change has come.

The seals start weakening now. They actually didn’t show any signs of weakening until after the Eye of the World. The creeping blight may be connected but we don’t know for sure.

Blood feeds blood. Blood calls blood. Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be."

This is repeated four times. Usually he uses three for anything special or significant. Potentially a trick or red herring or maybe it’s very very very very significant.

The overall summary of this shadow prophecy describes the fusing of souls. With that in mind

Blood feeds blood.

You need a dead soul to feed to a living soul. But we already know that from this prophecy so that seems redundant. Blood is also a reference to kinship. So it may refer that Luc and Isam are related.

That would further explain the oddity of the specific names.

Blood calls blood.

They were both called to the blight. Since they are both related to each other. Luc is related to Rand so therefore so is Isam. They are both Related to Lanfear through Charn if #12 is true . Lanfear is calling them to her.

Blood is, and blood was, and blood shall ever be.

Blood is means a currently living person while the tense change to blood was could mean a living soul and a dead soul, but I think it goes further than that. The soul also must have died before the fusion. If you somehow remove the cause effect relationship of the death or make the death somehow happen in the future (no idea how it would be possible) then you can’t fuse them and bring dead bodies back.

and blood shall ever be.

Their souls will now forever be merged even if they die and get reincarnated. One thing to note as well is the particular attention Jordan gives to tenses. To me this is significant because it helps explain why Isam and Luc were both kept alive so long. If there are two souls who has control. It would make sense the stronger soul has control of the body.

Isam/Luc both seem to have a good amount of control at times. Luc has more at first it seems while Isam has more at the end.

Fain has control at first, but by the End Mordith has taken over completely.

Lanfear has seemingly complete control.

Moridin has seemingly complete control.

Rand has control at first, and by channeling LTT wakes up and begins to take control until the fuse completely. Perrin has some control but also control issues.

Mat is a wildcard.

The common theme being Stronger Souls will take over but it takes longer depending on how long they have been dead and much of a gap in strength the two are.

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Just want to clear up a couple of facts....


1. Isam and Luc are not related. Luc Mantear is Rands uncle. Isam Mandragoran is Lan's cousin. No relation...


2. Charn was Mierens (aka Lanfear) servant! They were not related.


3. Charn was Rands descendant through Juanduin, Rands Aiel father, so he's not even related to Luc, let alone Isam!


.....just saying! 🤗

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Isam is the hunter hence why Perrin mostly sees slayer is Isam form.  I think Slayer thought something like Isam mostly thinks about hunting so Luc is more of the having to deal with people form.

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