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December Hangman: Winter Holiday Traditions!

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These can be fun traditions for any winter holiday that falls at least typically or in part in December. 


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    • There is always the fear that, the longer AJ is alive the more likely he is to be mafia. shrug   Suppose we will see after today. If AJ is town, him getting shot would not be a good look for me. But this is speculation on night kills, and that often isnt helpful.
    • Yet you represent a society that deems being a rapist is more credible than someone with the allegation of being slutty/whores. To put it another way, Many rapists have claimed the victim was/is a slut/whore, thus they aren't credible. It doesn't matter if making the allegation of them being sluts/whores is true. Often it's false. But somehow, having the allegation that you were a slut makes you less credible, than the allegation of being a rapist.   Nah. I actually want crimes to be investigated thoroughly and for a court of law to decide their fate.   You on the other hand, want investigations squashed because it might tarnish any mans (well, Conservative men, you'd throw a liberal under a bus) reputation, and deem any and all victims as non-credible by making allegations that their character is non-credible.   Here's my modus operandi. If a police officer shoots a human being. Put them on Paid leave.  Conduct an Investigation via 3rd party to conclude whether it was justifiable or not. In-house investigations are highly scrutinized by the public, and prone to extreme bias and corruption.   If a rape allegation is made, take it seriously. (IF society takes rape allegations/charges seriously, we may not have to deal with 5+ year old allegations in the future, that can't really be proved.) That's it. Investigate, test rape kits (instead of letting them rot in storage) determine if charges can be made. based on the evidence. Don't shelve it because the mayor's kid is involved. Don't shelve it because you think she's a whore.   Conservatives and whites in general.   Conservative? Or actually a libertarian?   That doesn't fit your narrative of Liberals blindly supporting things like BLM and racial identity politics.
      Honestly I don't think you care about whether someone is guilty or innocent of heinous crimes. You just care if they are on your side, and if what they do hurts your side or not. And if it does, how can you protect them while they are in power long enough so that it doesn't backfire on your politics.   But hey, you're a lawyer, there's a reason your hated more than the Jews, Blacks, and Isis.
    • Btw if the mafia were smart, they would've killed Clov and Aj 1st unless Aj was mafia.
    • Sounds good! I just figured I'd put it out there/offer.