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It should be done by whomever plays Moiraine, since the show is gonna follow her mostly, at least until she dies.


The first episode should go like this...




Opening Segment with Moiraine reciting the opening lines of the book, while the camera, as though being carried by the wind itself soars over the mountains and mist and other areas being described.  The camera then moves downwards and blows through Rand's cloak exactly like in the book, basically a zoom in on Rand, and then a quick cut to whomever plays Rand pulling their cloak around them and shivering.

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On 2/7/2019 at 9:45 AM, Pandemonium said:

whomever plays loial should get the main narration duties, aka the wheel weaves intro, etc


That makes sense, since he's writing a book on their adventures.  But I am sure it will be Moiraine.

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I wonder if they will do the prologue from each book, or just EotW? Not as a  narrative, I mean just as a the opening scene, or would it seriously disrupt the flow of the episodes? There is some really important information in some of those prologues which could just as easily be worked into an episode, but the prologues usually create some mystery.

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