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Jivenrah Sedai

Healers in November Discussion

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Welcome to November!


For what are we grateful this year? What have we endured? What have we learned?


My father passed away early last December. This year has been one of marking 'firsts':  the first Christmas without him, the first time we couldn't tell him Happy Birthday over the phone, the first time my mother came to visit alone, and on. My siblings and I have talked about this amongst ourselves a little bit; how we've mentally been marking time until the one year date. I've come to understand that death is the true test of Belief. I have learned that not even Belief answers all the questions but also that that is okay. I am grateful that I had a good relationship with my dad. He understood me. I am grateful I still have time to work on my relationship with my mom. She doesn't understand me. But I can try to understand her better and that is akin to loving her better.

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I can't believe I never saw this!


Jivenrah, I know how tough that first year can be. It gets better, or at least it did for me. 


I'm grateful that all my ducks are in a row. I have two part time jobs that I love, and both bosses work with me on my availability. I work for amazing people! I'm started down the path toward finishing my Bachelor's degree, and excited for what my future may hold with that. And I have a great relationship, which is something I've really never had before. 


I've caught one cold after another so far this fall and winter. I'm really tired of being sick. 


I can't think of anything I've learned other than the college material. 

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