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Carson Daily

The Wheel, Shai’tan, and the Dragon

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The Wheel of Time turns again and again....



If the Dark One breaks free then the creator resets the pattern and the wheel. In effect the wheel time has only made a full rotation when the dark one is freed.


The Dark one can only truly be free to control the pattern  if the Dragon’s soul willing submits to the Dark one and it can only do that while the Dragon is alive.


Everything is being setup in order to try and break Rand, but not kill him.


In one version of the world Rand is killed by that first Trolloc in the Eye of the World. In that version Shai’tan is freed and the creator resets everything and we get the first age and the 2nd age again and again. It all reminds me of the Matrix trilogy and time repeating itself with one the One after another. We see this in all the possibilities of their lives I think these possibilities did happen. The creator adjusts the prophecies and the way of the leaf all in a cosmic game of stones between the creator and the dark one that never ends.


Moridin doesn’t even think it’s possible for the light to win that the dark one just needs to win once to win it all and it really is just a matter of Time. This is why Moridin saves Rand at Shadar Logoth. If Rand had died all of Moridin’s work would have been wasted. 


I think everything in the series had to happen exactly this way in order for Rand to defeat the dark one. He had to be tired fighting Sammael to force Moridin to save him so they could cross Balefire streams and he had to do that so while he was collared he could break out using the true power and realize that power can do things the OP can’t. 


Rand while fighting Moridin accidentally steps on the dark one. If this doesn’t happen I think Rand kills the dark one with his Callandor trick and Padan Fain becomes the freed dark one and the creator resets everything to the first age again. Now Rand stepping on the dark one sees that killing the dark one is not the answer. In some ways the fate of the world came down to a lucky outcome in a sword fight.


My theory is Rand doesn’t stop fighting the dark one he instead weaves the pattern to exact point we see where he is fighting Moridin and drops Callandor and take control of the stream. All of this is Rands projection of the pattern and we the reader believe it is real then so does the dark one. You are not reading it like when does Dark one get another turn at his ideal pattern you are thinking this is it Rand is doing it!


The brilliant thing is the dark one panicked seeing his worst case scenario and that’s what made it real. 


Anything the creator can create the Dark one can destroy, but the seals Rand made was done with the full power of the creator male and female as well as the power of the dark one. I think the 4th is an age that has never been seen before and that wheel of time is not broken but it may never see a full rotation again because now the dark one is sealed for all of time.


Lot of head canon but had to get this out of my head.




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RJ confirmed the DO had won but doesn't consider that he has won.  Also RJ admitted that time repeats itself.   DO is sealed away, people forget about the DO, hole is drilled into the DO's prison, and repeat.  The DO doesn't really want the pattern destroyed, if everyone is dead then who is there to worship the DO.  Rand was right, the DO true goal is to make people beg for mercy, to lose hope and give up.  But we see each time the people instead are willing to fight to the end.  That's why the DO never feels like he won, since he has never been able to crush everyone's hope.  I always felt the other worlds are the patterns fail safe deive to ensure the pattern is never destroyed.  SInce if the DO wins on this planet it means in another reality he lost.  So thing's should continue there.

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On ‎2018‎-‎10‎-‎14 at 4:44 PM, Maedelin said:

Sabio, can I have a link to that RJ confirmation, please?  I'd love to read that!


On ‎2018‎-‎10‎-‎14 at 4:44 PM, Maedelin said:

Sabio, can I have a link to that RJ confirmation, please?  I'd love to read that!

It is probably a reference to this:


Interview: Jan 16th, 2003



Robert Jordan

Yes, the Champion of the Light has gone over in the past. This is a game you have to win every time. Or rather, that you can only lose once—you can stay in if you get a draw. Think of a tournament with single elimination. If you lose once, that's it. In the past, when the Champion of the Light has gone over to the Shadow, the result has been a draw.
Which doesn't really mean the Dark one won though.

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