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An Unlikely Red: Viviane & The Three Arches Revisited (Attn: MoN!!!)

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[[attn: @Chaelca!!!]


Viviane pushed the potato hash around on her plate with an air of dejection. Oh, she maintained the serenity expected of an Accepted, especially one that had spent ten years wearing the banded dress; but that didn’t mean she couldn’t explore her emotions privately. It was lucky for her that none of the Sisters could hear her thoughts, otherwise, she might be treated like a Novice again…


Five, that was how many girls had been tested for the Shawl in the past three months, and all five of them had been raised to the Accepted after Viviane and had obviously spent less time wearing the banded dress. It was unfair, to say the least. Viviane was leaps and bounds ahead of those girls in terms of her studies and her mastery over her own abilities. Why she had personally helped all five of those girls with their work before earning the ring! What were these Sisters thinking!?


Viviane had grown used to the idea of never attaining the Shawl. She knew the Hundred Weaves, practiced them every single day… There was no question at all that she could pass whatever test the Aes Sedai had cooked up, but still, she was made to wait.


Perhaps the Sisters thought that Viviane had done such a good job at mentoring Novices that they would keep her in this bloody white and banded dress forever! A punishment for her family and their ‘minor transgressions’ against the Tower from generations ago…


Viviane let out a sigh despite herself. She knew none of that was true. Why she had never even heard any of the Sisters bring up her family’s history more than once or twice and that was always as an afterthought. It was clear that the Accylon women had made it a bigger deal than it was. Most of the Sisters didn’t even recall the incident. Even Viv forgot it most of the time… Twenty years in the Tower had done much to reconfigure her brain, at least that’s how the Browns put it.


Finally giving up on the plate, Viv admitted to herself that she had little appetite for dinner tonight. She may very well regret that later, but she still had a few chores to do before it was bedtime. If she was really that hungry, she’d bribe one of the servants for a day old crusty roll or a bit of cheese; and then pray that they did not rat her out later.


Viviane dutifully cleaned up her meal, rising from the benches, when her eyes finally left the table and fell upon a woman entering the dining area. Her breath caught in her throat, the tray almost crashing to the ground.


It was the Mistress of Novices and she was wearing her Shawl…


Oh, Light! Can it be…!? Viviane thought flustered as she schooled her face to remain the perfect picture of serenity. The Mistress of Novices was indeed moving in Viviane’s direction, all eyes in the room turned to stare openly at the woman. Viviane’s right hand shook slightly before she caught the twitch.

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                Valeri Sedai, Mistress of Novices, came to a stop in front of Viviane’s table. She wore her shawl and looked the very picture of the quintessential Aes Sedai. Her face was blank as stone and her eyes barely seemed to touch Viviane. All voices in the room quieted and every pair of eyes fixed themselves on the Mistress of Novices.


                In a loud, commanding voice, Valeri announced to the young, red-headed girl, “Viviane Accylon. You are summoned to be tested for the shawl of an Aes Sedai. The Light keep you whole and see you safe.”


                Viviane had heard similar words before when she was tested for the ring. The breath caught in her throat, but she knew better than to say anything. The young Accepted gave a curtsy to the Mistress of Novices before being lead out of the Dining Hall. Every eye followed her out the door and as soon as the pair had passed over the threshold, the Dining Hall broke into a flurry of hushed whispers. The entire Tower would know of Viviane’s test before she had even begun it… Although it seemed the test had already started.


                On they went through the Tower; servants, Novices, and Accepted all darting out of the way as the two-woman procession crossed their paths. Aes Sedai could be seen going about their day, some giving Viviane a knowing look. She kept her eyes forward, focused directly on Valeri Sedai’s back, refusing to acknowledge anyone. This was her night and she was determined to see everything go smoothly.


                Light! It has finally happened! Mother will just be beside herself when she hears! Oh, I wonder what it will be? The Arches again I should think… But what now? More dream dimensions? What will the hundred weaves do? Viviane thought to herself, her mind a twitter with all the possibilities.


                Much as before, Viviane found herself in the bowels of the Tower, standing before that familiar double door; tall as a fortress and twice as wide. Valeri Sedai channeled the doors open and wasted no time in entering the silent chamber. Stand-lamps laid along the circumference of the room, the bone-white walls magnifying the lamps’ blazing fires. It was almost blinding.


                Viviane followed the Mistress of Novices obediently into the Chamber. The strange ringed Ter’angreal sat before them, glittering in various colors of the rainbow.


                Valeri intoned the single word, “Attend,” and seven Aes Sedai, one from each Ajah, came to stand in a ring around Viviane and the Mistress of Novices. Each one was wearing their shawl. Viviane couldn’t help but notice that Jagen Sedai had come for the Reds and Lillian Sedai had come for the Whites. A chill ran down Viviane’s back, but she did not let it show. Calmness flowed out from every pore of her body.


                In that same commanding voice, Valeri called out, “You come in ignorance, Viviane Accylon. How would you depart?”


                Viviane answered in a firm tone, “In knowledge of myself.”


                “For what reason have you been summoned here?”


                “To be tried.”


                “For what reason should you be tried?”


                “So that I may learn whether I am worthy.”


                “For what would you be found worthy?”


                “To wear the shawl,” Viviane answered.


                Viviane immediately began to remove her Accepted’s dress, stockings, shoes, everything, until she was as naked as her nameday. This was the part she had hated, but it was only Sisters here; no peeping eye would be allowed down here and if they were found, they would be dealt with severely. No. Viviane had nothing at all to worry about.


                Going on as Viviane disrobed, Valeri intoned, “Therefore I will instruct you. You will see this sign upon the ground.” The Mistress of Novices channeled and used a finger to draw a six-pointed star in the air before Viviane.




[[OOC: @Jagen Sedai feel free to jump in anytime you like.]]

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Jagen's dark blue eyes went to Viviane as she stepped into the chamber. The young woman who was here to become one of them--truly one of the sisterhood of Aes Sedai--was a bright and thoughtful student, one of her best. But this test could not be personal. The Red was here to push Viviane to her limits, not to give her a soft push in the right direction.


Jagen turned back toward the oval ring, taking in a rhythmic breath. It was shining bright, ready for Viviane to enter. Jagen concentrated. She would not be doing the first few tests, but she was ready with scenarios for the potential Aes Sedai. Unlike the testing for Accepted, where the tree arches ter'angreal made the scenario, it would be the Aes Sedai who molded what she would experience. For this, it was important to know not just what a particular woman might fear, but experiences that would make anyone hesitate, or fear, or drive.


(OOC: I'm sorry this is a bit short, I wasn't sure how far I should go with it, but I am ready to do some testing! I figured you could do your own first test or so.)

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